Monday, December 30, 2019

Star Trader Update .008

I apologize for the late posting. Too much holiday revelry at the Snyder house. LOL

Now on with the story...


“I think you’ll be comfortable in here.” I padded the door open to my guest quarters. Kayo, Jake’s protect Dar-dolf, almost knocked us over trying to get in the door first. He started sniffing around the baseboards. I reassured myself that he was ship trained and would use the cargo deck for his business and not the carpeting of my lovely guestroom.
They are nice rooms. Cassie and I fixed them up when she came onboard a few years back. I picked Ma-rye-a for the layout of these rooms anticipating transporting people as well as cargo. The rooms are side by side with a bath in between however, the sound deadening wall that divides the rooms retracts into one of the sidewalls to the bathroom if you would like one huge room. And, it is huge - lots of luxury, like what you would get in a high-end Space port.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Star Trader Update .007


The Krackow moved in on Olympus. They did some major damage before the Galactic Officials found out. Personally, I thought the Galactic Team kept better track of Olympus. It was my understanding that it was patrolled regularly. Guess not regularly enough.
Anyway, the Galactic Office has called in anyone who wants to make deliveries of equipment or help repair the damage. I’ve always wanted to see Olympus. There are so many fantastic stories of it. I threw my hat into the ring. I managed to pass their background check. I will be picking up prefabs and supplies for the village they will have to build for the workmen onsite.
I can’t wait to meet a God.



Sam is loading the delivery for Olympus.

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Star Trader Update .006


We crept quickly through the open port. “We’re in,” Tim announced in a whisper to Sam and Ma-rye-a aboard ship.
“Straight ahead until the first junction and then right,” Ma-rye-a guided us back in her own whisper through our Ears.
We made the turn and immediately the whole tunnel went dark. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face.
“Shit!” Tim exclaimed just as a soft light came on in his hand. “Hadn’t really expected that.”
“You think they know we are here?” I had reached out when the lights failed and caught hold of his suit. I found myself still clinging to it with a tight fist.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Star Trader Update .005


Daniel presents his game tonight. He is excited, but is trying not to show it. I’ll go for the presentation, than I have to pick out my gun turrets. I still haven’t done that.
We have spent days touring the exhibits. The first day, after our dip in the green apple pool, we had so much energy that we were up 54 hours straight.
I had forgotten how breathtaking the pool was. It is surrounded by black snowflake obsidian cliffs and ledges. The obsidian is polished to a fine gloss from the Valarian’s traveling over it so many years. The cracks in the stone have neon green moss growing in them. The trees grow in clumps on the ridges above the pool. They have charcoal colored bark with twisted limbs. The limbs are so dense in spots that it really doesn’t make any difference that they have no leaves. It sure is amazing what you can create when you terra form your own world.

Friday, November 22, 2019

Star Trader Update .004

Dear Readers,

Sorry I was absent last week. I have been nursing a virus and am just now coherent enough to post.
Hope you have a great Thanksgiving.


Well, you have met some fascinating and terrifying characters. You’ve been introduced to some of my closest friends. We’ve toured some interesting and some not so inviting locales. And, you’ve acquired a wealth of information about the Verse and the things in it. Let’s take that knowledge and build on it. It’s time to kick the Hyper Drive in and get our butts to the GTD. I’m anxious to be at the reveal of the program Daniel’s been keeping so secret and I can hear Muldavian chocolates calling my name.

Power Play


It was snowing at the Trade post when I arrived. I hadn’t had a chance to wear my new coat Cassie and I found a few months back so I wiggled into my black polyfoil slacks and top, buckled up my new spacer boots (purchased along with the coat – they are trimmed in the same red material as the coat quilting) and topped it off with the new coat. The coat hits me at the ankles – plenty long with good swing. It will block the wind nicely. It is made of the supplest material – but very warm. I wouldn’t want to wear it in weather above freezing. It clings in all the right places. It is an iridescent green with fire red quilting on the collar, lapels and cuffs. The collar is an accordion style hood with the red quilting running in a flame design down the back. When I raise my arms out from my sides it has the same red material attached that billows out like a wingsuit. The description on the NET stated that it was not manufactured as a wingsuit and was not to be used as such, but it is a great look.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Star Trader Update .003


I completed my delivery to Trading post #1313. Daniel and I had lunch together and I got to wow him with my description of the Maelstrom incident and the unexpected meeting with the Valarian scout ship. He said hearing about those kind of adventures made him wish he wasn’t planet bound. We talked about GTD again. I offered to come back to give him a ride to the event.
I put my availability on the NET as soon as I hit orbit at 1313. I had a job lined up before I got my last load delivered. I’ll make a short jump to Outpost #26 to pick up a passenger. One of The Company’s ships was diverted to another location. The new Super-intendant for Galnon Station #41 needed to find his own ride to his post. He found me. I’ll pick him up and give him a lift to the station. It will only put me a little out of my way to Jake’s party and I’ll make a nice commission on the delivery.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Star Trader Update - .002


Daniel passed me the plate of sushi. I waved it off. “Try the small ones. They are just crab with rice wrapped in seaweed,” he suggested.
“No thanks. I don’t eat anything that might bite me on the way down.” We were at his place now. It was comfortable – lots of colorful pillows and low furniture. Daniel seemed to live on the floor. Even if there was a chair available, he tended to crash on the lowest surface in the room.
“Are you going to GTD this year?” he asked, as he stuffed a sushi roll in his mouth.
GTD is Galactic Treaty Day for those of you who are planet bound. It is celebrated throughout the Verse. The date never changes on Valaria (where the original treaty was signed), but it may shift on other planets due to the planet’s cycle - check your calendar.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Revival - Star Trader Updates - .001

Greetings all my loyal readers.

I am sorry I have kept you waiting so long for a story. As you may have guessed, I have not been well. I know there are many of you who have been reading my serial story blog for years, but I hope you will enjoy what I have chosen to re-post non-the-less.

A few years ago, I pulled all the stories of "The Star Trader" off the blog with the intention of making them into a book. However, I feel the need to post them again so they are not lost to you in the future. So this is my official notice that "Serial Saturday" has returned. I will be posting each Saturday.

For those of you who have been loyal readers for years, and for those of you new to the blog, I present:

The Star Trader Updates

My name is 3su. I like to think of myself as a kick-ass broad who just happens to be a Star Trader to the known verse. For the right price, I will deliver anything from Point A to Point B.
Join me, and my four AI crew members, aboard my living ship Ma-rye-a. Travel with us as my mundane delivers morph into adventures. See the verse through my eyes.
Have you ever felt the terror of a Tuldavian swamp lizard nibbling at your toes? Has Sarah Daily given you a tour of her alien menagerie on Madelor? Have you spoken with a Hummer recently to locate a beacon in space? Ever known someone who had a pet Dar-dolf?

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Why I haven't been on Social Media since May 2018

Greetings my friends and faithful readers,

Thank you for sticking with me during this momentary slump in my writing regime. I assure you I will get my writing mojo back.

They say 'confession is good for the soul'. I don't like to talk about health issues on the internet, but I want you all to know why I have not been on much social media since May of 2018. I know you were used to seeing me daily on Twitter and having me post a serial story chapter 'here', weekly without fail, for the past 24 years.

In May, I underwent a lung biopsy. I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and Hypersensitivity Pnuemonitis. This means that I inhaled a toxic gas over a period of time which has permanently damaged my lungs. I have retired as of October 31st and therefore am no longer in that environment.

The bad news is, I will never fully recover. The good news is, I am off oxygen now and hope to regain 5-20% of the lung capacity I lost through clean living and holistic medicine. The modern medical community didn't have much to offer me for treatment. Prednisone was their only option. I chose not to go with that. Too many side effects.

The doctor gave me a "Sell by" date, but I intend to turn it into a "Best by" date and make them all eat their words.

So I am meditating, taking regular walks, eating right, doing acupuncture, and resting (a lot). Unfortunately, at this point, everything is an effort, even just writing a blog post.

I have a great support system of friends and I will get beyond this. I am not my disease. I am Theresa Snyder, author of Fantasy, Scifi and Paranormal.

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