Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Timenall & the Captured Gryphon - Chapter Six

Timenall was having a dream, a lovely dream, in which Weirim was nuzzling his mane and then took to licking his toes. It tickled and he opened his eyes. It took him a moment to realize Farloft was leaning over him from behind, truly licking his toes. Damn!

Timenall sprung to his feet and scrambled out of the sleeping pit. “What do you think you are doing?” He asked in an affronted tone. 

Farloft came to a sitting position in the pit. The boughs cracked below his weight. “They have been oozing all night. I just thought a little…”

“A little what?” Timenall almost shouted, his feathers practically standing on end. “I’m sorry if I led you to think that if we shared a bed…”

“Wait!” Farloft huffed coming to his feet. “You didn’t think I was…”

“Of course you were…”

“Was not!” Farloft denied in a shout. Smoke curled from his left nostril.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Timenall & the Captured Gryphon - Chapter 5

“Here it is,” Farloft announced as he landed on the ledge outside his newly established Lair.

Timenall landed a bit awkwardly beside him, trying to put his hind legs down first in order to spare his injured front paws the impact. He slowly turned around and looked back over the surrounding valley, hills and mountains bathed in moonlight. “Lovely view and easily defended,” he said agreeably. “Nice choice.”

“Come on inside,” the dragon invited with a toss of his head toward the cave’s mouth.

The gryphon mix limped in behind the young dragon, his feathers a bit ruffled and wings drooping due to the pain in his paws. The cave mouth sat in such a way that the moonlight illuminated all but the far back of it. Timenall could see the area where Farloft dug a sleeping pit and filled it with cedar boughs. The whole cave held the light fragrance of the tree. Not far from the bed sat a brightly painted wooden bowl of considerable size full of water.

“Where did you get the bowl?” Timenall asked.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Timenall & the Captured Gryphon - Chapter 4

“You have been very kind,” Timenall said, “but my mouth is so dry I feel like I ate a cottonwood tree. Could we get a bit of water to drink before I explain?”

“There is a stream that way,” Farloft indicated with a nod of his head. “And a lake that way,” He indicated with a raise of his paw.

“I know the area, and I think the lake,” Timenall said. “I can soak these paws a bit.” He looked down at the blood oozing from the tips of his swollen toes.

“Hungry?” Farloft asked seemingly out of nowhere.

“Starving.” Timenall answered.

“You like those dapple coated things?” the young dragon asked.

“The klnicks?” Timenall asked with a smile. “Lov’um.”

“I’ll meet you at the lake.” Farloft backed up and spread his wings. “I’ll bring dinner.” He smiled a toothy grin.

“I’ll look forward to it,” Timenall replied, as he too spread his wings and they both vaulted into the sky.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Timenall & the Captured Gryphon - Chapter 3

The beast’s head was distinctly dragon. It was black in color with tiny smooth scales like those on its tail. Its main came up over the top of the head and dumped a fluff of currently sweat soaked feathers between his emerald green eyes. 

“Thank you Farloft,” the thing said. “I am Timenall of the Neeland Gryphons.”

“But, you’re not a gryphon,” Farloft stated the obvious. There was no beak. And yet, he wasn’t a dragon either.

“No, you are quite observant,” Timenall complimented what he now could see was a very young dragon. “I am a half-breed or hybrid - my mother a dragon, my father a gryphon.”

“Is that even possible?” Farloft asked.

Timenall raised a brow, “Obviously so.” He sat down on his haunches and started chewing at the bindings on the boots encasing his feet. He was having a hard time. The angle was all wrong.

“Can I help?” Farloft offered.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Timenall & the Captive Gryphon - Chapter Two

Farloft circled his prey from high above. The unsuspecting animal stood with its head down by a fallen tree. No doubt it was filling its belly with grass. It was larger than any others the young dragon had seen and bulkier. Like it still had its winter coat. He was about to dive in for the kill when its legs folded and it went down. Farloft opened his second eye lid in order to see better. He tilted his wedged head and stared at the beast. It wasn’t the same as the others. He dropped down several hundred feet in altitude making sure to keep his shadow off the animal so it would not know he was above. He was surprised at what he saw.

The beast was not the same at all. This one had wings. That was what gave it the impression of being bigger. They were close to its sides, but there.  When he passed around the head of the animal he could also see it had something draped or stuck on its head. As much as he squinted in the fading light he was not going to be able to see it clearly unless he landed. His curiosity was stronger than his appetite at this point. He landed softly behind it blocking its retreat. It would have to go over the downed tree if it chose to try an escape.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Timenall & the Captive Gryphons - Chapter One

Farloft was playing. He was gliding between the ridges of what the humans in the area called the Northern Steeps. He would tuck his wings to plummet swiftly toward the ground, then half way down pop them open to be shot in an exhilarating, stomach dropping, flight back skyward by the currents spiraling up the sides of the mountain range. It was fun and something he did on occasion to entertain himself while traveling alone.

He left his mother and father’s home several years ago. All young dragons had a desire to explore, to stretch their wings. Many returned to the area where their clan resided, but not before seeing a lot of the world. A few years back, Farloft’s parents produced a new hatchling. It was time for him to move on and leave them to raise and train the little dragon. One day he would return home and meet his sibling, but not today. Today he was a young dragon living wild and rough - eating off the land, sleeping where he chose and meeting all manner of beast and human alike. It was the perfect way to grow up. 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Story

If you have been reading this blog very long, you will know that I alternate between Scifi Stories and Fantasy Stories. We just wrapped up a long Scifi, so now it is time to return to my friend, Farloft the Dragon.

Farloft is a very sociable creature. If you are not aware from reading his blog at: you might have met him on my twitter account at @TheresaSnyder19. He takes it over the last Friday of each month.

Well, to make a long story short, Farloft and I have a friend there, Yogoloth. Yogoloth is a hybrid. His mother was a dragon. His father a gryphon. I had never heard of anything like that before. Of course, I have not lived near as long as Farloft. He told me he knew another hybrid when he was younger and sailing the thermals over the various lands. He proceeded to tell me the story of his adventure with "Timenall & the Captive Gryphons."

Starting Saturday I shall recount the story to you. Looking forward to seeing you then.
Our Friend Yogoloth   by bluekite

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

"Authorgraphs" New Way to have Your eBook Personalized

Note the new widget on my Blog called "Authorgraph" It is a real awesome service and it's FREE!

I signed up for the service so you can have your own Authorgraphed copy of my eBooks.

The widget allows me to send signatures that can be kept with electronic copies of my books. You just pick the book title from the Drop-Down menu. When it comes back to you it will have the cover of your selection and my response along with my autograph.

If you give me a little information in your Authorgraph request I will personalize my response.  If you take the time to ask me to write you something and sign it, I will take the time to answer appropriately.

Drop me a request and I will get back to you within a couple of days. Hoping to hear from you soon.

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