Saturday, August 25, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Three

Remy perched on the boulder beneath the tree that gave his post its name, 'The Willow Gate' into The Realms. It was the quiet hours between midnight and four a.m. The humans were all safely tucked away in their homes. The creatures of the night were roaming, searching for food, but they were not passing his way. He was alone with his thoughts.

Many in The Realms, a parallel world to the mundane, filled with creatures humans thought were mythical or fanciful, thought him slow or at least challenged. How very wrong they all were.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Two

Cleitus the Black was not a Macedonian nobleman like so many others of Alexander’s Companions. Cleitus was the brother to Alexander’s nurse. He had been handpicked to serve King Philip, Alexander’s father, as one of his personal body guards. He was one of the king’s selected Companions.

After Philip’s death, Alexander relied on the knowledge and experience of his father’s Companions to raise an army and bring his dream of conquering Persian to life.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter One

As promised, here is the beginning of a new tale set in The Realms. For those of you who have read the Shifting Books in the Twin Cities series, you will find some backstory here on one of my favorite characters. For those of you who have not read the published books, you might want to pick them up. The first, Shifting in The Realms, is FREE on my site.

Now on with the story!

The Book of Remy

Cleitus the Black, seasoned Greek warrior and Alexander the Great’s honored Companion, hacked at the Persian soldiers trying to pull him from his horse. His sword coming down in an arch which took off hands, arms, and cleaved heads in a single blow. It was the Battle of the Granicus, May, 334 B.C. Centuries before Cleitus the Black would be known as Remy, the Vampire Gatekeeper.

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