Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Your Drawing HERE!

Hello Readers,
Have the characters in the Farloft Chronicles or the Star Traveler Series inspired you to draw?
I will post your drawings on two new websites I am creating to show off your skills:
Farloft Chronicles Illustrations
Star Traveler Series Illustations
You will be given credit for your work.
I can’t guarantee that it will be safe from someone copying it. I will remind people that it is private work and not to be copied.
Please submit your Farloft Chronicles drawings to:
Please submit your Star Traveler Series drawings to:
Include your name, age and county of origin.
Be inspired.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

NEW ! - Star Traveler Volume 5 - "Cataclysm"

Check out the latest volume of the Star Traveler Series - "Cataclysm."

Find the link on this page along with the first four volumes of the series:
"The Helavite War"
"The Heirs of Henu"
"Old Friends/New Enemies"

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