Saturday, May 28, 2016

Threat of the Fire Demon - Chapter 27

Dear Readers: Thank you so much for being patient with me last week. I am now set up with a new computer and as promised this post is twice as long to make up for lost time. I hope you enjoy the continuing story of "Threat of the Fire Demon."


“I’ve come to meet your lovely wife,” Raven said.

He had once more ambushed Charles outside his home - this time as he gathered wood for the stove. Raven was just so silent and with the vamp being so old, he could stand the light of dusk and be out before many of his clan were awake.

“I have told you before, Raven, you are not welcome here.” Charles picked up another log and added it to the load in his arms.

“Well, that is interesting because I don’t think I want her here. Your little Fire Demon bride.”

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Apologies to My Readers

My computer crashed on Thursday. I am stuck with just my iPad. So there will not be a post this week, but I promise to do a post of double length next week provided my new computer arrives in time. Until then I hope you all have a lovely week.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Threat of the Fire Demon - Chapter 26

Saul picked at his teeth with one long claw. “I swear between you two women you make the best meals in The Realms. I didn’t think I could eat anymore after all the bounty of the circus.”

Charles noticed the outing had also improved Saul’s mood. He was smiling again. He’d been a bit down the last few days.

Brela leaned over the table to clear the plates. She swatted at Saul to stop him from picking. The cat looked properly chastised and put his paw back on the table.

“We can’t take all the credit, we couldn’t possibly do it without Charles, our huntsman,” Azur complimented, showing her love for the man.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Threat of the Fire Demon - Chapter 25

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Now for the next chapter in "Threat of the Fire Demon."

Charles, Saul and Sam Hyatt stood at the edge of the manure pit at the lower end of the meadow behind the house. Bard and Clyde, Sam’s teenage sons were working at filling the barrel in the back of the wagon with the fertilizer, one on the ground, the other in the wagon, as they passed the two buckets they had back and forth.

“I swear I never saw such huge tomatoes,” Sam exclaimed. “One is as big as a softball and it ain’t even ripe yet. Your new woman is a wizard.”

Even though he wasn’t doing the work of filling the barrel he took off his hat and wiped his brow with his sleeve. Today was actually a warm August day for The Realms.

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