Sunday, July 15, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-seven

I apologize for not posting this final chapter yesterday, but I lost my kitty editor of 18 years, and I just had a difficult time getting it ready without her. Jewel will be sorely missed. But I know she would not want me to keep you waiting any longer. So here is the conclusion to "A Gathering of Dragons."

Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-six

Fafner, Mokum, and James followed Farloft single file through the depths of his mountain home. Rivers of lava bubbled and flowed beneath their feet as they walked on stone slabs placed by nature, or Farloft, centuries ago to make a path through the semi-dormant volcano to the other side of the Westridge mountains.

Unlike Farloft and James, the other two dragons did not possess an internal temperature control. Fafner’s fur was soaked with sweat and his tongue hung from his mouth. Mokum’s feathered white mane and tail hung limply, drenched in moisture from his perspiring scales.

They passed below a cascading waterfall of the hot molten rock. “It’s not far now,” Farloft offered as encouragement to the two older dragons.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-five

Farloft emerged from his lair the next morning to find all the dragons and gryphons watchfully perched among the peaks, ledges and crevasses on his mountaintop and the ridges to either side. On the plain below his home, where violets and daffodils usually sprinkled the meadow this time of year, the enemy horde was gathering. There were still several hundred. The old dragon was surprised the noise drifting up from their camp had not awakened him. He must have been more exhausted than he thought.

Snow sailed down and landed at Farloft’s side. “They found their way through the tunnels around dawn and then sent runners to the battlefield. The stragglers have been coming from there along the river’s edge to join up with the ones below.”

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-four

On his way to the castle, Farloft spotted Arrud lying in the mud of the churned up battlefield. He landed and pulled the lifeless wyvern to his chest. He had not seen his friend go down. He did not hear any call of distress. Farloft roared his anger. While he was dealing with the Thrax clan, Arrud had given his life. The earlier victory over the red dragons felt empty.

With a swipe of his paw, Farloft knocked off the multiple arrows, which riddled his friend’s body. He picked him up and with mighty thrusts of his wings, carried him to a quiet clearing in the woods.

Farloft laid him down in the violet covered meadow. “I am so sorry, my friend.” He leaned down and head butted the wyvern. “You will be remembered and honored after all is settled in this matter.”

He heaved a sigh of exhaustion with a tinge of defeat. Two dragons had died for his cause. For his kingdom and the humans who lived here. He hoped it would be the last.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-three

Farloft started formulating a plan on how to deal with the sons of Thrax shortly after he heard of their involvement from Naza the Wise. He was determined there would be no more dragon blood shed – no more loss of life for Thrax’s family. However, he had not planned on the huge red dragon approaching from the east. He could only assume it was another of Thrax’s relatives. He looked older, and therefore Farloft hoped he could reason with him. This fight should not be between dragon clans.

Farloft hadn’t had time to tell Clearair of his plan. He didn’t want James or her to jump into the fray. He needed them to keep their distance. He glanced her direction before Graa and Kang reached him. He roared her a warning to stay put. He only hoped she would listen.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-two

The Queen and Haben led the people of Kerth through the tunnels, to the mouth of the cave overlooking the Great Divide. They cautioned them to be quiet. Haben, several of his men, and Adrian, crept forward to scout the way. They were just in time to see a large red dragon attack the boats, which were moored to carry the people to the other side. They were burnt to a cinder.

“The boats have been destroyed, your Majesty,” Haben reported to Queen Larkin when he returned. “There is no way across the river. We will have to make our stand here.”

“But if the enemy finds us, we could be bottled in from both sides.”

Larkin inadvertently brought her people into a trap. If the Baldar found their way into the right tunnel, they would capture them. If they stayed here undetected, they would all starve to death. They did not stock the tunnels with food. They stocked the dragon’s lair. That was where they were going to make their last stand – Not Here!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-one

Rymit arched his back under the soil. The ground rose and undulated beneath two of the three catapults stationed before the castle. One tipped and its boulder flew wild and over the castle wall. It teetered and fell over. Men screamed and ran. Most making it beyond the falling war machine and back into the field behind them.

The second tower rocked on its four footed base, but remained standing. Rymit backed up and with his head as a ramrod, he charged at it through his tunnel, raising up just in time to collide with its base. The second tumbled over in a screech of twisted metal and broken timbers.

Fafner and Royster descended and hit the toppled catapults with burst after burst of dragon fire. Soon they were ablaze.

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