Saturday, September 15, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Six

In 168 B.C. The Romans defeated Perseus of Macedonia and abolished the Macedonian monarchy. In 146 B.C. the Romans destroyed the Achaean League in Greece. Cleitus no longer had any countrymen or country to go home to. He joined the Roman army as they adopted the training methods used in gladiator schools.

Cleitus witnessed the death of Spartacus who led 40,000 fugitive Roman slaves in an uprising. He stood and listened as General Marcus Licinius Crassus issued the order.

Over the decades, Cleitus had become an unstoppable warrior. He had learned every fighting technique imaginable. But, his soul now silent began to yearn for peace. For the days of the vineyard as Zeuxis. He longed to get away. He saw the opportunity in 55 B.C. to escape at least his current environment. He joined Caesar’s army as it invaded Britain. It was during this invasion that Cleitus first came in contact with the OtherWorld.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Five

Cleitus’ spirit sat weeping on the berm above the ditch where his body had been dumped and covered with sand. He didn’t have to dig it out to know it was there. He could still feel the connection. The tug on his soul that kept him bound to the earth rather than flying to a life in the heavens with the Gods. How could Alexander be so cruel? How could he have failed to honor him as was called for in their culture, and as befit the man who saved his life and fought at his side for years?

He wiped his tears from hollow eyes and spat to the side in anger. His head was filled with vengeful thoughts. Revenge gripped the soul of this now troubled spirit. Cleitus would haunt his king until the day he died. Alexander could not have known that no matter what he did, what god he sacrificed to, he could never amend this fatal error in judgement.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Four

After the fall of Persepolis in 330 B.C., Alexander the Great saw his chance to have a unified army loyal only to him. The crisis in Greece was over and he need not worry about the home front. Now Persia was within his grasp too.

He demobilized his troops paying them handsomely with the spoils of war. He hoped to rid himself of the old guard he inherited from his father, King Philip. He wanted an army he could control. Alexander had the spoils from Persepolis. He offered a bonus to any cavalryman or infantry soldier who wanted to reenlist. What he offered was hard for any sane man to refuse. Including some members of the old guard, like Cleitus the Black.

Saturday, August 25, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Three

Remy perched on the boulder beneath the tree that gave his post its name, 'The Willow Gate' into The Realms. It was the quiet hours between midnight and four a.m. The humans were all safely tucked away in their homes. The creatures of the night were roaming, searching for food, but they were not passing his way. He was alone with his thoughts.

Many in The Realms, a parallel world to the mundane, filled with creatures humans thought were mythical or fanciful, thought him slow or at least challenged. How very wrong they all were.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Two

Cleitus the Black was not a Macedonian nobleman like so many others of Alexander’s Companions. Cleitus was the brother to Alexander’s nurse. He had been handpicked to serve King Philip, Alexander’s father, as one of his personal body guards. He was one of the king’s selected Companions.

After Philip’s death, Alexander relied on the knowledge and experience of his father’s Companions to raise an army and bring his dream of conquering Persian to life.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter One

As promised, here is the beginning of a new tale set in The Realms. For those of you who have read the Shifting Books in the Twin Cities series, you will find some backstory here on one of my favorite characters. For those of you who have not read the published books, you might want to pick them up. The first, Shifting in The Realms, is FREE on my site.

Now on with the story!

The Book of Remy

Cleitus the Black, seasoned Greek warrior and Alexander the Great’s honored Companion, hacked at the Persian soldiers trying to pull him from his horse. His sword coming down in an arch which took off hands, arms, and cleaved heads in a single blow. It was the Battle of the Granicus, May, 334 B.C. Centuries before Cleitus the Black would be known as Remy, the Vampire Gatekeeper.

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