Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Why I haven't been on Social Media since May 2018

Greetings my friends and faithful readers,

Thank you for sticking with me during this momentary slump in my writing regime. I assure you I will get my writing mojo back.

They say 'confession is good for the soul'. I don't like to talk about health issues on the internet, but I want you all to know why I have not been on much social media since May of 2018. I know you were used to seeing me daily on Twitter and having me post a serial story chapter 'here', weekly without fail, for the past 24 years.

In May, I underwent a lung biopsy. I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and Hypersensitivity Pnuemonitis. This means that I inhaled a toxic gas over a period of time which has permanently damaged my lungs. I have retired as of October 31st and therefore am no longer in that environment.

The bad news is, I will never fully recover. The good news is, I am off oxygen now and hope to regain 5-20% of the lung capacity I lost through clean living and holistic medicine. The modern medical community didn't have much to offer me for treatment. Prednisone was their only option. I chose not to go with that. Too many side effects.

The doctor gave me a "Sell by" date, but I intend to turn it into a "Best by" date and make them all eat their words.

So I am meditating, taking regular walks, eating right, doing acupuncture, and resting (a lot). Unfortunately, at this point, everything is an effort, even just writing a blog post.

I have a great support system of friends and I will get beyond this. I am not my disease. I am Theresa Snyder, author of Fantasy, Scifi and Paranormal.

Monday, December 24, 2018

The Fur and Frost Dragon Winter Games

Here is a little holiday tale Farloft passed on to me yesterday, 
which I thought you all would enjoy.

The Fur and Frost Dragon Winter Games

Norla shook and pulled at the furs Farloft was curled up on. “Time to get up sleepy head! The competition starts in two hours and you haven’t even had breakfast.” The youngling female furry dragon had been his constant companion since he arrived at the Fur and Frost clan’s stronghold in the far north.

“I’m up…” Farloft replied with a yawn.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Captain Yakov Hightower - Space Pirate - Interlude

I am afraid I am here to apologize, yet again, this week. 
Real life seems to be getting in the way of my imaginary life.

Yakov, unlike Remy, is raring to tell his story, but I just don't have time to listen at the moment. I hope all you loyal readers will bare with me and hang in there. 

I hope to post more of the captain's adventure over the next two months, but it will be random and not consistently on Saturdays until the beginning of the New Year. 

In 2019, I hope to fall back into the habit of sitting down with Yakov, Remy and my other good friends in order to pass on their stories to you.

Until then, keep checking back here for updates as I can manage to get them up.

You can also download my Free books here. FREE BOOK!

Fall is upon us, and I wish you all a very festive and joyful Holiday Season.

Your author friend,

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Captain Yakov Hightower - Space Pirate - Chapter 3

I apologize for leaving you all hanging the past two Saturdays. I am afraid life got a bit in the way of writing. My 92 year old dad, who lives with me, was in the ER last Saturday. I am happy to report he is home and doing well, though wearing a heart monitor. I accused him of horning in on my AI story. He looks as though he is wired for the part.

So, let us continue with Yakov's adventure. I look forward to giving you another episode next week to reveal is mission for the Valarians. 


I must admit I was excited as the shuttle approached my ship at the docks on Refitting Station Dynasty. The Zephyr looked brilliant in her newly fitted solar sails. She also had a shiny new paint job, black as the vast universe with a sprinkling of stars across her bow and down her sides.

My crew was waiting when I boarded.

Od, my first mate, stood upright and saluted with a new appendage of his own. Where once there were mechanical hands with three fingers, there were now five fingers on the two sets of his top arms. “It is good to have you home, Captain.”

“Good to be back, Od. I like the new digits.” I wiggled my own at him.

“Handsome,” he complimented.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Captain Yakov Hightower - Space Pirate - Chapter 2

“Okay, Captain, show me what you’ve got,” my rehab tech challenged me.

I was on my last day of physical therapy with my new arm and hand made of programmable matter. I flexed the very realistic looking appendage via the implanted nano-bots in my bloodstream. In all appearances it looked and operated exactly like my real arm and hand, with one huge exception, with concentration I could change the shape. After all, programmable matter was very malleable. The Valarians were masterful in their tech, way beyond the rest of the verse, and they had invented it.

“What are you waiting for, Yakov?” Mialki asked.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Stalled

Dear Readers,

I am going to do something I have never done on this blog in the past twenty-plus years, I am going to stop a story before it is finished. Remy has found this recounting of his past very painful and is currently refusing to enumerate any further his earlier misdeeds.

His pact with Morrigan in order to be with Nithbeth, in his estimation, was the worst choice he ever made. It led to a series of events which bought vampires into existence and into our folklore. Even I do not know the details.

So, until our taciturn Willow Gate Keeper deems to talk to me, I am without recourse in the matter of listing his past achievements, good or bad.

I hope you will forgive Remy and me.

Until then, I give you a short story previously published in 2015, which some of you might have missed. And next week we will go off on another adventure with Yakov Hightower. The captain is always willing to chat with me about his exploits. Much like a dragon, he has a bit of an ego.

So on to, “Yakov Hightower and the Glitter of a Pirates Booty”.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Seven

Cleitus lived in the magical OtherWorld for decades. Time progressed differently in those days. The OtherWorld and the mundane were on separate clocks. While the Romans worked on conquering Britain, and ridding the island of the Druids, Cleitus investigated his new home.

He found ‘gates’ that took him to places he could never have dreamed existed. The part of the OtherWorld which he had been led into was a hub to a hundred other worlds, maybe more, and each contained magical beings of unbelievable power.

At first, he was guided by the siren who coaxed him into her world. She was a seductive companion and soon he lost track of where he was. He would have had no idea of the direction in which to turn to escape her, if he had wanted to. But in time, the decision was not his. She grew tired of her new plaything and left him behind.

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