Saturday, March 28, 2020

Star Trader Update - .020


Arr sat cross legged on the pod’s ramp in the shade of the doorway. Kay-o lay by his side, his tongue lolling out from the heat of the desert surrounding them.
            Arr hated the pod. The first English medical term he learned was ‘claustrophobic.’ The pod was stiflingly cramped. The initial trip in it from his home planet to Jake’s ship, the Calpernia, was almost unbearable. Jake insisted on strapping him in the first time. The second time Arr did a very juvenile thing, he growled at Jake. Arr was eighteen and once his species, the henu, reached adulthood it was considered extremely rude to growl, but he couldn’t help himself. Jake backed off and he made the flight white knuckled and grinding teeth all the way to the Calpernia.
He was thrilled to find that the claustrophobia subsided once he was out in the larger ship. It was a great relief since staying on his home planet would have meant living the rest of his life alone after the devastating attack of ‘The Others’ wiped out his people.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Star Trader Update .019


It was the second day of my incarceration at Mazala. TiSenge slapped me in chains and was having his inquisitors question me. They were using sleep deprivation and repetition. I guess they thought real violent torture was inappropriate for a female. So far everything they asked was something I was at liberty to tell.
Yes, I knew Aldobi-rand.
I escaped from his men.
I came to TiSenge to offer my services against the foul leader, Rand.
No, I did not know what Aldobi-rand’s plans were concerning aggression toward Mazala.
No, I was not paid to come and spy on TiSenge.
My mind was worn to a frazzle. I was physically exhausted to the core. I would have given anything to have never seen Alta III much less set foot on it.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Star Trader Update .018


“It’s part of the deal,” I said as I stood hands on hips trying to reflect my determination. “I contact my people so they don’t go off halfcocked and call in back-up to evac me.”
            “What assurances do I have you will not signal them somehow to come in anyway?” Aldobi-rand asked.
            “You have my blaster. You have a dead body. Do you really need more?” I asked, frustrated.
I needed to get to the pod. It would do me no good to run, Aldobi-rand would just turn me in. I was sure of that. He was just controlling enough to keep his promise whether he benefitted from it or not. I intended to palm the detonation device for my blaster that Sam made me. If all else failed I wouldn’t be framed for murder. No blaster, no tracing Mulott to me. At least not for certain.
            “I also have my spacer boots in the pod. If TiSenge wants a warrior princess, I can give him Warrior Princess.”  Besides, I far preferred my spacer boots to the lightweight leather boots of Arr’s if I was caught in another fight.

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Star Trader Update .017


Boy, do I have motivation to find the perfect outfit and the best haircut my chits can buy. Forget that I would like to rumple the sheets with this dude if he is anything like his portrait - I don’t want to look like a frump beside him. I am going to buy whatever outfit I choose a size smaller. I’ll work out harder then I have in my lifetime between now and the delivery in another two weeks. I will have to advise Moby of my goals and have him adjust the menu to accommodate. He can pick up some fresh produce from the colony. It seems right to have a goal, something to shoot for even if it is a bit silly to think a guy like him might take a liking for a gal like me. But alas, a girl can dream…can’t she?

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Star Trader Update .016


“I’m going down to the planet,” I announced.
“I wouldn’t advise that,” Horus replied immediately.
“Nor I,” Sam chimed in, “you risk coming in contact with whatever he is spreading below and bringing it back on the surface of the pod to contaminate the entire ship.”
So, I stayed on board Ma-rye-a and my crew and I were witness to the largest genocide of this century. Attalla released biological death from his little black box and the iisadsu fell from the sky like rain. He must have told the oacoco to stay below the surface during the release. Ma-rye-a told us she could still detect their life forms.
We tracked the movements of Attalla’s pod as he rendezvoused with the battle cruiser for a hull clean up.
We saw the cruiser’s crew deliver the body containment and disposal units to the surface and tracked their meticulous clean-up of the iisadsu species.
I collected Attalla’s personal items from his cabin and placed them in a capsule that Sam jettisoned into space.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Star Trader Update .015


“Sam? Get them off of us, now!” I yelled from the bridge. The iisadsu were not afraid of Ma-rye-a. They had attacked the ship as soon as she entered the level of the atmosphere that the iisadsu inhabited. I didn’t think they could do much damage, but I was in a pissy mood. It was as though they had expected us.
What they didn’t expect was Sam’s electrical pulse coming through Ma-rye-a’s outer hull. When he fired, their stunned bodies were blown off her like shooflies off a bug zapper. That action kept the rest at bay until we landed. There were a horde of them. The sky was full of the winged beings circling over Ma-rye-a like so many vultures over a carcass, but we weren’t dead yet. Not by a long shot.
“Ma-rye-a, now that we are down can you locate Attalla?” I asked.
“He is approximately 50 yards in front of us and 100 feet down,” she replied without hesitation.
I looked out the viewport in front of us. All I could see was a slip of the sandy beach and then the ocean.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Star Trader Update .014


Attalla sat at the table in the mess with his head in his hands. When I placed the cup of tea in front of him he flinched at the sound.
“Sorry,” I said. He had already told me that his head felt like a cracked egg this morning after being tranked last night.
Chee lay curled in her pouch on the table. She came out and approached Attalla for a pet or a bit of breakfast.
He pointed to her pouch without even looking up. “No, Chee. Pouch.”
The little mahserg turned around and returned to her pouch. I took pity on her and slipped her a grape.
“How much tranquilizer did Sam have in that dart?” he said into his hands.
“He loads them according to weight,” I answered plaintively.

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