Saturday, June 16, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-three

Farloft started formulating a plan on how to deal with the sons of Thrax shortly after he heard of their involvement from Naza the Wise. He was determined there would be no more dragon blood shed – no more loss of life for Thrax’s family. However, he had not planned on the huge red dragon approaching from the east. He could only assume it was another of Thrax’s relatives. He looked older, and therefore Farloft hoped he could reason with him. This fight should not be between dragon clans.

Farloft hadn’t had time to tell Clearair of his plan. He didn’t want James or her to jump into the fray. He needed them to keep their distance. He glanced her direction before Graa and Kang reached him. He roared her a warning to stay put. He only hoped she would listen.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-two

The Queen and Haben led the people of Kerth through the tunnels, to the mouth of the cave overlooking the Great Divide. They cautioned them to be quiet. Haben, several of his men, and Adrian, crept forward to scout the way. They were just in time to see a large red dragon attack the boats, which were moored to carry the people to the other side. They were burnt to a cinder.

“The boats have been destroyed, your Majesty,” Haben reported to Queen Larkin when he returned. “There is no way across the river. We will have to make our stand here.”

“But if the enemy finds us, we could be bottled in from both sides.”

Larkin inadvertently brought her people into a trap. If the Baldar found their way into the right tunnel, they would capture them. If they stayed here undetected, they would all starve to death. They did not stock the tunnels with food. They stocked the dragon’s lair. That was where they were going to make their last stand – Not Here!

Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty-one

Rymit arched his back under the soil. The ground rose and undulated beneath two of the three catapults stationed before the castle. One tipped and its boulder flew wild and over the castle wall. It teetered and fell over. Men screamed and ran. Most making it beyond the falling war machine and back into the field behind them.

The second tower rocked on its four footed base, but remained standing. Rymit backed up and with his head as a ramrod, he charged at it through his tunnel, raising up just in time to collide with its base. The second tumbled over in a screech of twisted metal and broken timbers.

Fafner and Royster descended and hit the toppled catapults with burst after burst of dragon fire. Soon they were ablaze.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Twenty

Late last fall, the people of Kerth worked hard to build a barrier across the mouth of the gorge through the Westridge mountains from Baldar to Kerth. The plan was for Clearair and James to set it on fire, preventing the enemy from entering the kingdom. That barrier lasted for about a day. Then it was overcome by a large portion of the Baldar troops, including the men and horses pulling the catapults.

Clearair kept James safely away from those killing machines. Farloft and his friends would have to deal with them when they arrived, which she hoped would be soon. She knew her mate must be on his way. She could have called to him. They were heartbound and he would hear her, but she was reluctant to have him come charging in lacking the reinforcements they needed so badly. One dragon would not make a difference against this overwhelming force. And, she did not want King Minuss unleashing the sons of Thrax on them. So far, they had not shown up and she was sure that was because Farloft was not here. It was a vendetta they wished to settle. They really had no interest in the war.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

A Gathering of Dragon - Chapter Nineteen

As promised, "A Gathering of Dragons" continues...
The Battle Begins!

Farloft growled, and then roared his displeasure, as he approached Kerth and saw that the battle had already begun. Earlier, when he arrived where all the dragons and gryphons were to rendezvous, Mokum and Arrud were missing. He waited as long as he thought he safely could, but as he had in the past, he could hear Theresa’s soul calling him. She was determined, but frightened. Her anxiety seemed more than just the thought of the approaching battle. He was right. The battle was upon them.

Farloft made a quick visual assessment of the area between the gorge, that ran through the Westridge, to the castle on the opposite mountaintop. There were thousands of men pouring through the canyon like ants out of a disturbed nest. Wisely, Clearair was keeping herself and James out of range of the catapults and concentrating on the enemy horde. She and his son were doing their best to stop them before they could make it onto the field of battle.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Eighteen

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"Three & a Half Dragons"
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"Dragon Memories, Dreams & Reflections"
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"A Gathering of Dragons"

The humans were not idle during their confinement. Queen Larkin had the forge in the village and the one at the castle producing armor as quickly as possible. It didn’t have to be perfect, it just had to fit together well enough to hang from a stand. The walls of the Great Hall were now lined with the armor men. The plan was to put them in motion against the enemy if the walls of the castle were breached. The ‘fake’ soldiers could be dispatched to the courtyard to keep the Baldar at bay while the people of the kingdom escaped through the tunnels.

Theresa and Sarah spent hours memorizing the incantations and casting them over, and over again to make sure they had firm control of the armor soldiers. The only thing they had to be sure of was that all the residents of the kingdom were safely in the tunnels before the fake army was unleashed.


James raised his head at the faint sound of the DragonCall. His neck spikes flared.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

A Gathering of Dragons - Chapter Seventeen

Farloft and his clan had always been friends with gryphons, but there were dragon clans that avoided or even chased gryphons from their territories. He chose to sit at a safe distance and wait while Snow scouted out the rookery and made first contact. He chose a peak overlooking the nesting area and sat where everyone could see him and know he did not pose any threat. He also could be summonsed from this peak, or fly in and defend Snow if the gryphons chose to take offense for finding him fraternizing with dragons.

The rookery was huge. There must have been over one hundred pairs in the flock, in addition to younglings and hatchlings. It had been a den of churrs, chirps, and squawks before the guards, posted at the perimeter, announced their arrival. All was deathly quiet now.

Farloft could see Snow, where he stood at the bottom of the cliff peppered with nests. He was followed in by two of the guards – large coal black gryphons with bright orange beaks and claws. Several more guards were dispatched. They were posted around the rookery to keep an eye on Farloft, and to look out for any other uninvited guests.

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