Saturday, October 27, 2018

Captain Yakov Hightower - Space Pirate - Interlude

I am afraid I am here to apologize, yet again, this week. 
Real life seems to be getting in the way of my imaginary life.

Yakov, unlike Remy, is raring to tell his story, but I just don't have time to listen at the moment. I hope all you loyal readers will bare with me and hang in there. 

I hope to post more of the captain's adventure over the next two months, but it will be random and not consistently on Saturdays until the beginning of the New Year. 

In 2019, I hope to fall back into the habit of sitting down with Yakov, Remy and my other good friends in order to pass on their stories to you.

Until then, keep checking back here for updates as I can manage to get them up.

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Fall is upon us, and I wish you all a very festive and joyful Holiday Season.

Your author friend,

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