Saturday, September 15, 2018

When Worlds Collide - The Book of Remy - Chapter Six

In 168 B.C. The Romans defeated Perseus of Macedonia and abolished the Macedonian monarchy. In 146 B.C. the Romans destroyed the Achaean League in Greece. Cleitus no longer had any countrymen or country to go home to. He joined the Roman army as they adopted the training methods used in gladiator schools.

Cleitus witnessed the death of Spartacus who led 40,000 fugitive Roman slaves in an uprising. He stood and listened as General Marcus Licinius Crassus issued the order.

Over the decades, Cleitus had become an unstoppable warrior. He had learned every fighting technique imaginable. But, his soul now silently began to yearn for peace. For the days of the vineyard as Zeuxis. He longed to get away. He saw the opportunity in 55 B.C. to escape at least his current environment. He joined Caesar’s army as it invaded Britain. It was during this invasion that Cleitus first came in contact with the OtherWorld.

It was late in the evening. His whole Century had retired to their tents or were on watch. Cleitus heard a soft cry, almost a song. It tugged at his soul so fiercely that he left his host body of Numerius Pomponius Ravilla and cast about to locate the siren’s call. She had concealed herself deep in the old growth forest. Her song drifted to him like fog before a gentle breeze. She was raven haired and so delicate as to be termed, in modern day, a sprite or a fairy. Her eyes almost glowed in the dark through the moss dripping from the overhanging trees. She uncurled from her place on a fern surrounded log. She beaconed to Cleitus as if she could see his ethereal body. He could not deny her. He approached her and when she rose to her feet and started to go deeper into the woods, he followed her. He never returned to his Century. His days as a Roman had ended and his life as Remy of The Realms had begun. Even if the body of Remy and The Realms did not officially exist yet.

The OtherWorld was a place of magic and myth. A haven for the unique and unusual who had been rejected or had no place in the mundane world. Cleitus, who was tempted by the siren’s song, found that he did not have to inhabit a host body to interact with the creatures in this new, hidden world. He found it easy to live in this world. With these people. He decided he wanted to stay. He must stay. This was where he belonged. Where he could be with souls like him, and demons, fairies, sirens, and other creatures in this wondrous world.

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