Saturday, November 12, 2016

Isle of Mystery - Chapter 17 - The Conclusion

It felt to Farloft as though every member of his clan were gathered around him and desperate to hear where he had been and what had happened the six and a half months he had been ‘lost.’

His father and mother had not left his side since they spotted him approaching the lair from his jump point. His sister was snuggled so tightly up against him she was like moss on a tree trunk.

Personally, Farloft couldn’t stop grinning. It was so good to be home, even if he couldn’t get a word in edgewise.

“Give him some room to breathe,” his Father said to the collective group. “Let’s all give him some time to get his paws under him and then we can all sit down and listen to his story.”


An hour later they were all gathered in the large meeting room of the communal lair. Dragons were grouped mostly in family units, but some of the younglings had made their way up to the front. Farloft was stationed on the rock ledge where the speaker usually stood or sat during these gatherings. His family, including his older brother and his mate who had jumped in for the occasion, were all sitting directly in front in order to encourage and comfort Farloft as he told of his adventure.

It took the young dragon the better part of two hours to recount all that had happened to him. He was often stopped to ask for clarification by one of the older dragons or dragoness’. They were amazed, and at first unbelieving, that he could have jumped to another world, but as he continued to describe his adventure in detail, and the fact that a dragon of his clan never lied, they began to wonder at the phenomenal trip he had taken.

They marveled at his description of the twister demons and the Nal dressed in their vibrant clothing with their herds of beasts. The dragons closed their eyes and could almost hear the tinkle of the bells when Farloft laid out the journey from the wastelands to the wall.

They asked many questions about the dragon clan at the wall. The idea of them possessing the magic to make their dreams and nightmare come to life seemed too fantastic for words. All dragons were vivid dreamers and those listening could not help but wonder how their world would be if their dreams materialized. They asked a multitude of questions about Trisk and her relatives. None of Farloft's clan had ever encountered a dragon so small.

Farloft reached his storytelling zenith when he recounted the journey from the wall to the Isle of Mystery. All the dragons felt as if they had been on the journey with the youngling as he spoke of each diverse group of humans. The older dragons chuckled when he told of the Bizzle nectar and the effect it had on him. The younglings in the front squeezed closer together when he described the human’s flying machines and the sting of their weapons. All cringed when the clan members brought their twister demons to life and loosed then on the humans. And the older dragons shook their heads when Farloft explained what he overheard regarding the deal made for the construction of the armor and the chain reaction it had set in motion through the hamlets of the humans on that world. The secret the last island held, being the dragon clan’s nursery, was as much of a surprise to the listeners as it had been to Farloft.

By the time Farloft finished his tale he knew from the reactions of his fellow clan members that he would always enjoy telling the stories of his adventures.

The clan members all wandered off when the tale ended. Farloft’s mother scooted his younger sister off to the nest, and his brother took his mate and jumped back to the clan he had founded. Only his father remained by his side.

“Mesanth sounds like a lovely dragoness,” he said softly as they padded their way toward the den. “Will you be going back to see her?” He tilted his head in question. He had heard the timbre in Farloft’s voice each time his son spoke of the young female. He was sure Farloft had fallen in love for the first time.

“I don’t know.” Farloft’s head swayed from side to side. “I don’t think so.” He lifted his golden eyes to meet his Father’s. “There are things I want in life - places I still long to see. This misstep has only made me desire the adventure even more. Mesanth can’t jump and if I return the options of where to live safely are limited.”

“So she will be a fond memory for years to come and hopefully, she will find someone in her own clan as a mate. She seems to be well established as the future healer.” His father draped a wing over his shoulders. “Will you be all right, my son?”

“I think so,” Farloft confessed. “I learned a lot on this journey.”

“And you will learn even more in the journeys to come.”

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