Thursday, June 6, 2013

Now Available on Kindle - Vol. 2

Dear Readers,

Vol. 2 of the Star Traveler Series, The Heirs of Henu is now available on Kindle.


Volume 2 finds Jake and Arr restless after a little less than a year on the Henu planet. Their uneasiness at being planet bound is only heightened by a trip to one of Jake's ‘surprise’ birthday parties. The guys find their problem of how to get back into action, without going back into the life of a mercenary, solved by the Henu and their bountiful planet.

But, reopening the trade route for the Henu grown spices runs afoul of one of Tim O'Malley's missions gone critically awry. Jake’s surrogate dad has inadvertently pulled Jake and Arr into a life or death situation that can only be thwarted by assistance from a Galactic Forces Mobile Tactical Team, M.T. #2424.

Meet the crew of M.T. #2424:

Captain Targus, Pilot, Species: Walhmite, Height: 7’8”, Information of Note: Graduated top of his class at the Galactic Academy. Captain of his own vessel at 24 yrs of age. Highly intelligent, thoughtful, considerate, but don’t make him angry.

Sergeant Coal, Computer Expert (EC), Species: Realdat, Height: 7’4”, Information of Note: Species all look the same and can only recognize one another by their vivid and intricate tattoos. Coal could make an Intergalactic Network Computer information flat cook you breakfast if he so desired.

Doctor Damion Mitchell, Medical Expert (ME), Species: Human, Height: 6’4” (minimum height for a Galactic Officer). Information of Note: Child prodigy, given special dispensation to attend medical school at 12 yrs of age. Entered the Galactic Academy at 15 graduated at 16, something never accomplished before or since.

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