Saturday, April 28, 2012

Star Traveler Update - On the Trial of Ezekiel Watts: The Big One

Father found after 30 years of searching
Ezekiel Watts recognized as long lost father of Empress Minu
Explore the floating palace of Karakas
Use your GCP to tour the Hopeful Academy – Pet charity to Empress Minu

§          §          §

Who is Ezekiel Watts?
Use your GCP to join in a live, interactive interview

§          §          §

Collapse of mine on Galnon Station #2C
Galactic Officials report the death of William Braden
Read the details here

§          §          §

Live interview with Arr of the Henu
The last man to see William Braden alive
Relive their struggle in the bowels of the mines in Galnon Station #2C

§          §          §

ANNET Awards, Shattuck Rye
Best Investigative-Journalist

Listen to the touching acceptance speech

ANNET Fashion Recap
Will Lena Rye be this year’s trend setter?

§          §          §

Shattuck Rye, Investigative-Journalist, Appointed
New Corporate Communications Director for Empress Minu Starlight Foundation

§          §          §

Shattuck had made it to the big one.

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