Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fur and Frost - A Dragon Love Story - Chapter 1

Tonight we start a new fantasy story on the blog.
Follow our story of star-crossed lovers of the Dragonic type.

Zodic knew he was not supposed to be on the ice covered lake. His father, the leader of the Furry Dragon Clan always started out his winter lecture to the young of the clan with his warning about the lake. It was always a temptation for the pups and younglings to play on the ice, but it could be deadly. Furry dragons could swim, but a soaked furry in cold water could easily drown. Their fur kept them insulated against the cold and wind of the high northern regions, but it was heavy when wet - heavy enough to pull a dragon down.

But, Zodic kept telling himself he wasn’t on the lake. He was in the river leading to the lake intent on catching fish. He missed the big stag he was after earlier and he couldn’t fly home without at least some fish to show for his day’s outing.

He dug at the crust of ice formed over the river’s edge and flipped it up piece by piece on to the shore until he had an opening large enough he could see the fish below. The river was fast here and about as deep as he was tall. He figured if he did slip and fall in, he could make his way out. Ten feet wasn’t that deep and it was another hundred before the river spilled into the lake. Here was where the fish usually congregated in the pools just above the falls.

He shook the light snow off his long black fur. It was so shiny he appeared almost blue/black in the early afternoon sun. He had a double coat like all Furry dragons – the inner being the insulating layer, the outer the guard hairs that caught the snow before it could penetrate and chill him. He pushed the ice he pulled out of the river further up the bank. He needed room to maneuver and toss the fish he caught.

A jay mocked him from the trees above and in the process of hoping from limb to limb it dumped a clump of snow on his head. He pushed it off with a paw and frowned up at the menacing bird, his unusual set of eyes, one blue and one bronze reflected the taunting, winged nuisance. The jay proceeded to lob a pine cone at the dragon and managed to hit him squarely on the nose.

Zodic sprang into the air toward the jay, but was rewarded with a paw full of snowy branch rather than the bird. They were fast tricksters. Zodic’s wings cushioned his landing. He came down lightly on all fours – his two rear feet in the river’s edge. He stepped out and flicked each leg individually to get the water off.

He caught the movement of a large fish out of the corner of his eye and it drew him immediately back to his task. There were pups to be fed at home and even though none of them were his, they were all the clan’s. He waded in and took up a station on a large boulder just off shore. He pawed the snow from his perch. He hung over the edge of the rock. The fish liked to collect below this ledge. He lied down on his belly and spread his large black wings out to create shade over the water’s surface. The sun was warm today even though the snow was deep. The fish would think his wing shade an extension of the ledge and it would make it easier to catch his prey. Now it was just a matter of waiting until one came close enough.

Story inspired by my friend Zudic 


  1. Oooh. A furred dragon! I like it. A cool start to a new story! Black fur and with multi-hued eyes, nice.

    I like him already.

  2. Love the fluff dergons, especially this one <3 Great story! I look forward to reading the next one.


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