Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 20

I apologize for being so late this week in posting. 
I have been editing a novella for a friend and got tied up until almost 3:30 am this morning. After about five hours sleep, I was at it again and just finished about two hours ago.

 Please except my apology and I hope you enjoy
the next installment of
"It's All About the Game!"

“Sam are you set?” I asked.

I had Ma-rye-a turn around and place us just outside of the window and off to the left, out of the way. I had Sam train our weapons on the mouth of the window. His reaction, and recognition time was far superior to mine. If the Tiltode came though that gate either alone or chasing the Calpernia, I wanted to be prepared.

“Ready and waiting, Captain,” Sam replied.

He had no sooner spoken than the Calpernia came sailing through unhindered. Jake pulled his ship up beside Ma-rye-a as soon as he caught sight of her and Ma-rye-a threw his and Arr’s imagine up on the viewport.

“You okay?” he asked with a concerned look.

“We’re fine. How about you?” I replied.

“A little damage to the hull, but nothing a good Refitting Station can’t bang out.”

I saw Arr behind him putting out a small electrical fire on the bridge with Kay-o their protect Dar-dolf getting in the way. Arr kept pushing the beast down as the thing lunged at the extinguisher as though he thought he had to do battle with it.

“Jake, can you call Kay-o?” Arr yelled.

Jake turned from the monitor and hollered at the beast. It seemed to pay no attention to the reprimand until Jake waved his glove in the air, rolled it up, and then threw it across the bridge. Kay-o went after it like it was the best steak dinner in the known Verse. Jake lost more gloves that way. I smiled at the action. The thing that looked like a cross between an earth wolf and a bear had been Jake’s partner longer than Arr had and saved his life any number of times, but he was still just a pup and loved to chew.

“Thanks,” Arr said as he finished suppressing the fire. “I’ll buy you a new pair when we hit a Trade Post.”

Jake waved him off. When Arr finished he came up to the viewport and sat down in the co-pilot’s seat next to Jake.

“So, I really want to hear what you did to get two Tiltode vessels after you, but we came on our own mission, so that will have to wait for later,” I announced. “As I explained, kinda, when I called, we need your help Arr.”

“You want me to talk to the Hummers?” Arr asked to confirm.

“Yes, it appears as though they figured out something was wrong with their beacons when the virus started to spread and they were the ones who shut them down, not the Valarians as I.N.C. is reporting. Now everything that anyone tries to do to repair them is being intercepted by the Hummers and stopped before it can do any good.” I turned toward Daniel in my co-pilot’s seat. “This is my friend, Daniel. Daniel, this is Jake and Arr. The beastie behind them chewing the glove is Kay-o.” Daniel gave a nod. “Daniel is pretty confident he can fix the beacon if the Hummer will allow him.”

“That’s good news,” Jake said, as Kay-o came up to push his nose under Jake’s arm, glove in mouth. Jake gently pushed him away. “Go!” he commanded. “Space has been a mess since the NBs went down.”

Kay-o took his prize over to nudge Arr. I saw Arr put his hand in his spacer suit pocket and slip him some Red Raspberry Goo Chews, an overly sweet kid’s candy the critter really loved, in exchange for Jake’s glove. I don’t know why he bothered. The glove would never be useful again.

“The thing we were hoping you could help with in communicating with the Hummers is to get them to not only let us repair ‘A’ beacon, but also to tell us how they communicated in order to shut all the NBs down. The Valarians had no idea they were linked together even though they put them out there in the first place. The Hummers have been up to something.” I said.

“I will do what I can,” Arr said, as he stroked Kay-o’s head. The big lug leaned into Arr so heavily that Arr pulled up his legs into the chair in order to make room for the critter in between the chair and the console in from of them. “Talking to a Hummer is not an exact science,” Arr warned. He wrapped his arms around his knees. He was very lean and agile. “I think I can get them to leave one beacon alone long enough for you to fix it, but I am not sure about the other. Learning how they communicate with each other is a pretty complex concept to get across. I will do my best.”

“That’s all we can ask,” I replied. After all, if Arr couldn’t fix the NBs, it looked as though the Verse would just have to learn to live without them and that, my friends, was a pretty ugly thought.

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