Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's All About the Game! - Chapter 14

Dangling from a sheet hanging out of the second story window of Daniel and Targus’ hospital room, I wondered if I had made the right decision. I was on a rescue mission, but it looked like I was the one needing to be rescue at the moment. I have great lower body strength. I could stomp a Tuldavian swamp lizard to death with my spacer boots, but I have no upper body strength. Luckily, Coal thought to tie an occasional knot in the sheets, so I was just cascading from knot to knot. I was losing my grip and concerned that the next one I hit would make my hold break altogether and I would go crashing to ultimately break something and foil our plan for escape. I couldn’t help but ogle the hard ground below.

Our plan was hatched during the day today when Daniel and Coal, putting their two head together, managed to finally track down the source of the NB virus. The perp was a master at covering his tracks. Daniel was like a dog on a scent. He was certain he knew who it was – there were only a few who had been close enough to hack into his server. He knew it wasn’t me. I have to be shown the way into one of his intricate gift boxes of chocolates. This culprit’s identity was buried very deep. It took three full days of searching to prove it was Matt Milestone A.K.A. Zackary Taylor, Daniel’s gaming buddy.

There had been no further accidents reported from contact of ships with the virus infected NBs since the initial dozen or so. Total body counts was eighty-three, but the problem now was the NB were all deactivated and traffic that normally used them to navigate from planet to planet was at a standstill. Critical supplies were in limbo until something could be done. You didn’t just randomly navigate through space in hyper drive. That would be like Free Riding and wouldn’t end well.

Targus, who was somewhat mobile, but very sore tried to negotiate with the Valarians, left by Warsy as guards, when he left to consult with the Galactic Officials on the release of Daniel to them for further interrogation. The Valarians were not cooperating in the least. They had their orders to not leave the hallway outside our door. Daniel was to stay put. If Damion, Coal or I left the room we were followed by one of the guards until we returned. I couldn’t out maneuver them. I tried.

So I was escaping out the window to go get my pod, bring it back to the window and pick up Daniel and Coal. We were going to go to Matt/Zack’s home and get the information we needed to put the NBs back online. Targus wanted us to do it. He didn’t want to go through channels and give Zack time to escape in case he was on the move. MT Units are not called mobile for nothing. They can follow a case across any boarders or through any space. With the destruction of his ship, Targus was taking this really personal. Almost having his arm ripped off had only fueled his fervor. Damion and Targus were going to stay to face the Valarians and the wrath of the Galactic Officials when they found out we smuggled Daniel out.

I’d reached the last knot in the end of the sheet and I was still a good eight feet off the ground. I pushed off with my feet, did a twist in the air and hit the ground rolling. I was very pleased I did not break anything. I hustled my butt toward the landing platform and my waiting pod.

I was pleased to see the Valarians did not have the forethought to place a guard on my landing pod. It was just sitting there ready for takeoff.

“Ma-rye-a?” I asked as I slipped into my seat and placed my headphone on.

“Right here, Captain,” she replied.

“I’m headed over to get the guys. Get yourself rived up and ready. We will be there before you know it, provided we don’t run into anything glitch.”

“Ready and waiting,” Ma-rye-a answered.

I slid the controls back and quietly lifted off the pad. I maneuver staying low to the ground, just skimming the lawn then lifting a bit to skim over the cars. I was lucky. The area at the back of the hospital, the way the room faced was just a rec area and a large parking lot for in town vehicles. I saw a scooter pull out, but nothing more. No one paid me any mind until I smacked the light post I didn’t see while watching the scooter gal. Hey, it was a nice scooter. I had been thinking of getting one for when I make port. It would be handy not to have to rely on public transit. Some of the places I go don’t have any.

When I smacked the pole I hit it hard enough to bend it, that made the cover above the light tilt and fall on a personal hover craft below, which resulted in the damn thing’s alarm sounding.

I pushed the pod into overdrive and soared up to the window of Daniel and Targus’ room just as the Valarians turned, attracted by the noise out back. I hovered outside the window and dropped the pod’s ramp. My pod it large enough for two human’s comfortably, two humans and a seven foot Realdat makes for a tight fit, but Daniel and Coal made it aboard just as the Valarians came rolling into the room through the door, tentacles waving in frustration.

I smiled and waved back as I pulled up the ramp. By the time they made it to their pod and back to their ship we would be long gone.

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