Friday, July 4, 2014

It's All about the Game! - Chapter 4

Zackary Taylor a.k.a. Matt Milestone sat at his computer diligently working. He used a VACP or Voice Activated Command Program to put the finishing touches on the computer virus he was creating. Like his character, Matt Milestone, he liked the physical. However, his real body was stuck in a servo-chair and had been for the past ten years since the accident that put him there. He couldn’t even scratch his nose let alone do the physical activity Matt ran through in the games.

The accident was a devastating chemical explosion which killed fifty-three and left Zack and hundreds of others maimed. The loss to the corporation was horrific and sent it into bankruptcy and eventually foreclosure. None of the survivors received any kind of settlement. Zack’s medical bills were so astronomical he gave up on the rehab and the possibility of prosthetics long ago. He ate and defecated through tubes. He was basically a brain in a chair and nothing more.

At first, the games played with Daniel the Destroyer were entertainment for a troubled mind – a way to escape. Over the years, they became more and more important until they were nothing short of an obsession. If Zack did not win he ranted in the harsh voice his chemically burned throat now produced. He replayed the steps of the game over and over in his head trying to find the way to beat The Destroyer. He used to win on occasion. In fact, the win/loss ratio had been pretty even until about a year ago. That was when it all changed. The Destroyer played more and won more, almost always.

About three months ago, when a med tech came to visit, service the chair, and change Zack’s tubes, he imparted some valuable information on his patient. He spoke of an article he read about a guy named Daniel Drysson, this whiz-kid who wrote a program that hacked into the Valarian’s navigational beacons. The guy received an undisclosed settlement (said to be stellar in size) from the Valarian’s along with the right of first refusal for any other program he wrote. The med tech went on and on about how smart this Drysson guy must be to write a program that would hack the N.B.s, but Zack didn’t hear half of what he said. He was thinking back to a couple of years ago when Daniel introduced him to a game. A game he said he wrote which hacked into N.B.s. It all clicked. Daniel the Destroyer was the guy with the program. The guy with the huge settlement. The guy who had everything – whereas Zack was left with shit!

Zack couldn’t get back at the corporation that put him in this chair. It tanked along with all of its shareholders. But, he could get back at the guy who thought he was so much better than the rest of humanity. He was as good a programmer as Drysson and he would prove it. Over the past year, The Destroyer had taken what joy Zack found in being Matt Milestone and killed it. Zack was going to pay him back, and as they said, paybacks were a bitch!

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