Saturday, April 13, 2013

Star Travelers - Special Delivery: Be concerned, Very Concerned

“I can’t believe they were that big,” Cassie’s voice held a note of awe.
“Believe,” I assured her.
“The one at the pod door could have eaten Kay-o and me whole,” Arr added.
We were all sitting around the table in the mess aboard Ma-rye-a. There was no need to hurry on now that we were safe up here orbiting above Alta III. Jake felt certain we made a clean escape. I was on an adrenalin high. It felt so good to have my blaster on my hip again and my friends at my side.
“I always wondered if it was superstition or if there really was something during the eclipse to be concerned about,” Jake informed us.
“Be concerned, very concerned,” Arr advised. The hair on his arms still stood up as he recounted the encounter with the snakes at the pod.
“There is no record of them in the planet’s database,” Horus assured us. “I would have warned you had I known.”
Moby’s prep unit spit out another plate of cookies and the conversation shifted to Jake’s meeting with Fatu and the battle of CU for my blaster.

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