Thursday, April 18, 2013

Star Travelers - Special Deliver: Snakes!

The guys decided to spend the night on board Ma-rye-a. I put them up in the guestroom. Come morning we would all go our separate ways. The boys had a gig already lined up. Jake picked it up off his sub-space messages once we got on board. He and Arr were headed out to meet up with Tim O’Malley.
            I needed to see if I could still make the appointment with Dr. Morie. I promised Daniel. I didn’t intend to go back on my word. There was still a lot I had to sort through. This mission was just an interlude.

            About 3:00 a.m. I woke in a cold sweat convinced there was something in my bed. It was a nightmare of course, but I couldn’t shake the feeling. I put on my robe and padded quietly down the hall to the mess where I intended to get a cup of tea to settle my nerves. When I rounded the corner I found Arr already sitting at the table, cup in hand.
            “Snakes?” I asked.
            “Snakes,” he confirmed.
            It seems nightmares are not confined to the human species.

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