Thursday, March 28, 2013

Star Travelers - Special Delivery: Kadear

I was still pondering this strange world and its monsters when I glimpsed Kadear off in the distance. I slid down off Tarrazu and asked her to sit. I checked her bites again. They didn’t look angry in any way and she seemed to be lucid, even attentive as I passed her the last of the meat jerky and gave her the remainder of the water.
            “I owe you, Tarrazu,” I said as I stroked the fur on her neck between her heads just as I observed Adobi-rand petted his dresarge. She acknowledged my caress with a deep purr.
            “If I ever get back this way, which I fervently hope not – no slight against you intended,” I said apologetically. “I will bring you a whole dried malfit for a treat.”
            I stepped up to her chest, threw my arms as far across it as possible and gave her a big hug. The tongue in the head closest to me lolled out and licked me roughly up the right side of my face. It was a very dry and grating feeling. She would have done it again except that I stepped back out of her reach. I do think she was feeling maternal toward me.
            “Off you go,” I ordered. I pushed her on the shoulder to get her turned around. “I can walk from here.” I gave her a gentle slap on the rump. She looked over her shoulder as if to make sure I was serious. “Go on,” I coaxed. “I’ll be fine.”
            She turned and ambled off toward home.

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