Saturday, March 2, 2013

Star Traveler - Special Delivery: Appeasement

“The storm was fierce. It had the breath of Parnac behind it,” Fatu told Aldobi-rand.
“And the woman?” Rand asked impatiently. The ruler-to-be did not seem to be nearly as upset about Salib’s death as he was about the possible loss of 3su.
“I was able to take her on to TiSenge as you ordered. I do not know if he believed all she said,” Fatu admitted. “She is a clever woman though and I believe she will serve your purpose.”
Rand visibly relaxed hearing that 3su did infiltrate TiSenge’s tribe. He moved to the table and poured two goblets of wine. He handed Fatu one.
“We must toast to your new title as leader of my guard, and to our future success in uniting the tribes of Kadear and Mazala.”
Aldobi-rand’s robe opened as he lifted his cup. The maneuver revealed the blaster strapped to his hip.
Fatu raised his goblet and drank deeply trying to formulate a plan in his head to obtain or destroy the weapon as soon as possible.

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