Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Star Travelers - Special Delivery: Watch your back!

Jake stepped off the ramp to the pod and turned to Arr.
“Don’t wander far from the pod and don’t let Kay-o either. I may need you to come pick us up fast.” Jake adjusted the lightweight robe he wore over his spacer suit. “If you see or hear anyone you lock up and take off. Don’t leave the atmosphere and come back as soon as it’s clear.”
He pulled his blaster and checked the setting for the umpteenth time in the last twenty minutes he’d been giving orders.
Arr stood quietly with Kay-o leaning against his side in the doorway of the pod. He was upset. He wanted to go with Jake, but no amount of reasoning made any inroads. Jake was adamant about Arr staying safely with the pod.
Jake was agitated. He might not have minded being here himself, but he didn’t like bringing the kid down and then leaving him. There were too many variables on this planet, as 3su found out.
“One other thing.” He was trying really hard to remember all the drawbacks of visiting this planet. They really were too numerous to list. “There is a total solar eclipse at mid-day. The minute it starts – and I do mean the minute it starts – I want you and Kay-o to get in the pod and lock down. Don’t come out, no matter what, until the eclipse is over. Understand?”
“Understood,” Arr said. Kay-o nudged his hand and he slipped it in his pocket and brought out a Goo Chew for the dar-dolf.
Jake shook his head at the action. The kid was spoiling the beast – wait that should be past tense, he had spoiled the beast.
“I’ll be back as soon as I can.” Jake clinched his teeth together in order to activate his mike. He said, “Test, test.”
Arr lowered the volume on his Ear even further. He hated the thing. It really impeded his naturally sensitive hearing. “Got you loud and clear.”
“Keep your Ear on and listen up for my call. I really don’t know how this will go down.” Jake started to say he might need him fast, but realized he already covered that ground. He was just killing time now. He needed to get into town while he could still do it under cover of darkness. He wanted to locate and talk to Fatu if the guy was still here. He’d have an idea of what was going on. He was in Aldobi-rand’s inner circle, or was last Jake heard.
Jake pulled up his hood and turned to leave before he decided to pack it in and let 3su get herself out of this one. But, he couldn’t do that. They had too much history. She was a friend in trouble and he was one of the few people who could get her out of it.
“Keep safe,” he said to Arr.
“Watch your back,” Arr advised. He fervently wished he could be there to do just that.

If you would like to read more of Jake and Arr's adventure please see the sidebar of the blog under "Star Traveler Series."

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