Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Star Traveler- Special Delivery: Understood

Ma-rye-a didn’t argue.
She didn’t question.
She did listen.
She did record.
She did analysis.
            “I am going to stay down here for a few days, maybe a week,” I said. “Not to worry if it even extends up to two. Aldobi-rand is a great host. Tell Cassie I’m going to wear the new outfit.”
            “Understood, Captain,” Ma-rye-a answered and with that answer I knew she did truly understand. Help would be forthcoming as soon as she could get them here.
            I palmed the detonator and locked the pod. It disappeared again before Aldobi-rand’s wide-eyed gaze as it recloaked.
            “It is a miracle how you people live, yet you take is as everyday occurrence,” Aldobi-rand commented as he pulled me back up on the dresarge in front of him. “If I had your technology I could rule this world.”
            Right…And you’re not getting it from me, bud!

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