Sunday, February 10, 2013

Star Traveler - Special Delivery: She did What??

“She did what?” Jake exclaimed.
            “With all due respect, I must defend her decision to smuggle the painting in. We thought at the time, that the payment was well worth the risk,” Horus said trying to calm Jake’s ire. “In retrospect it was not a wise choice.”
            “Really” Jake said in a sarcastic tone. “She just thought she would take a leisurely trip down to Alta III without incident?”
            “Whatever happened was unexpected,” Ma-rye-a chimed in.
            “That’s the reason the Galactic Officials put Alta III off limits. Just setting foot on the planet creates the unexpected.” Jake ran his hands through his hair dark, curly hair in agitation. Arr, Jake’s partner, placed his hand on Jake’s shoulder – to comfort or calm was not clear to Ma-rye-a or her fellow crew members. Jake’s outrage was a surprise to 3su’s crew. They were told he would help.
“Do you have any idea what she has gotten herself into?” Jake asked.
            “She wasn’t able to say,” Sam answered. “Aldobi-rand was with her. We could see him in the background. He obviously has her doing something she doesn’t want to. We all agreed before she left that if she called and said she was staying longer than three days we should seek help.”
            Ma-rye-a jumped in. “Since she not only said a week, but then amended her statement to two weeks we all felt it was imperative we contact you immediately.”
            “She said you would know how to proceed without involving the Galactic Officials,” Horus added.
            “I’ll proceed alright,” Jake growled. “We’ll pull her butt out of the fire. Then I’m going to tan it red for being so stupid.”

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