Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Star Travelers - Special Delivery: Do you really need more?

“It’s part of the deal,” I said as I stood hands on hips trying to reflect my determination. “I contact my people so they don’t go off halfcocked and call in back-up to evac me.”
            “What assurances do I have you will not signal them somehow to come in anyway?” Aldobi-rand asked.
            “You have my blaster. You have a dead body. Do you really need more?” I asked frustrated.
I needed to get to the pod. It would do me no good to run, Aldobi-rand would just turn me in. I was sure of that. He was just controlling enough to keep his promise whether he benefitted from it or not. I intended to palm the detonation device for my blaster that Sam made me. If all else failed I wouldn’t be framed for murder. No blaster, no tracing Mulott to me. At least not for certain.
            “I also have a change of clothes in the pod that will make me more appealing to TiSenge. If he wants a warrior princess, I can give him Warrior Princess.”
I was still hopeful prior to leaving the ship that I would get to wear my new outfit. I had delusions of there being a party to celebrate the delivery. Yeah…Right… So, I packed them in the pod. The slick suit would help resist hand holds in a fight and I far preferred my spacer boots to these lightweight leather boots of Arr’s.
            “Then we are agreed?” Aldobi-rand asked.
            “If I get to contact my people, you get your bride,” I confirmed.
            Aldobi-rand extended his hand. “I believe it is your custom to shake on an agreement. You can be trusted to uphold your end, can you not?” He asked with a questioning lift of his eyebrow.
            I put my hand in his. “I always keep my word.”
            “We will leave for your ‘pod’ at nightfall.”
            With a wave of his hand I was dismissed back into the care of my guards to be returned to my room until nightfall.

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