Sunday, January 6, 2013

Star Traveler - Special Delivery: Motivation

Boy, do I have motivation to find the perfect outfit and the best haircut my chits can buy. Forget that I would like to rumple the sheets with this dude if he is anything like his portrait - I don’t want to look like a frump beside him. I am going to buy whatever outfit I choose a size smaller. I’ll work out harder then I have in my lifetime between now and the delivery in another two weeks. I will have to advise Moby of my goals and have him adjust the menu to accommodate. He can pick up some fresh produce from the colony. It seems right to have a goal, something to shoot for even if it is a bit silly to think a guy like him might take a liking to a gal like me. But alas, a girl can dream…can’t she?


            “It’s to die for,” Cassie sighed.
            I couldn’t hardly breath – got to lose that size before I can move in it, but it is an incredible suit if I don’t say so myself. It is royal blue with an iridescent shine to the material when it catches the light just right. It has black piping in just the right places and ties in with the black of my new boots.
            I pulled on the matching gloves with the silver buckle-ups that complimented the buckles on the boots.
            “It’s fabulous. The color really brings out the blue of your eyes,” Cassie complimented. “This is one kick-ass outfit.”
            “It will have to be to get me noticed by this guy,” I told Cassie as I started to peel myself out of the suit. I didn’t want to pull it out of shape before I got a chance to wear it. “I wish there was a way I could show you the portrait, but that crate is hermetically sealed.”
            “Maybe you can get a picture of him when you visit,” Cassie suggested. “Think he’ll pose?” She asked provocatively.
            “He looks like he is used to people admiring him,” I commented. “He’ll probably pose and posture all over the place and I’ll hate him on sight.”
            “NOT!” Cassie and I both said simultaneously and giggled like school girls.

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