Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Star Traveler - Special Delivery: Daniel on Sub-space

“Daniel on sub-space for you,” Ma-rye-a announced.
            I exhaled a breath and I lowered the weight I was holding down to the floor.
“Put him through down here.”
“Well, don’t you look positively glowing,” Daniel said from the com-link above my head. “You’re working out?”
            I mopped my sweaty face with a towel. “And what’s so surprising about that?”
            “Just the fact that you usually avoid regimental exercise like a Max Cat avoids water,” Daniel said. “Is this part of Dr. Morie’s regime?”
            “Partially,” I said. “But I also have a hot date waiting for me at my delivery site.”
            “Really…” Daniel purred. “Tell…”
            “No way,” I laughed and threw the towel at the monitor. “A girl doesn’t kiss and tell.”
            “Well, if this is the result of the anticipation of a ‘hot date’, I should have found you a man ages ago. You are looking goooooood.”
            “Thanks, I feel lots better,” I admitted. I hadn’t spoken to Daniel since I left. I had thought about it, but wasn’t sure if he wanted to hear from me so soon after my ejection from his pad. “I been meaning to call and thank you for getting me off my duff and back into the Verse. And, the connection to Morie wasn’t a bad idea either.”
            “Nightmares gone?”
            “Yep, and feeling stronger every day,” I announced with pride.
            “That’s my girl,” Daniel said with admiration.
            “I have an appointment with Dr. Morie in a little less than two weeks. I’ll call you after and maybe we can meet somewhere. I’ll buy you a drink,” I offered.
            “Sounds good to me,” Daniel replied. “Travel safe,” he said and signed off.

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