Sunday, December 9, 2012

Star Travelers - Special Delivery: Enough

            Daniel snatched the box of chocolates out of my hand.
            “3su, it’s over,” he pronounced in as stern a voice as I have ever heard from him. “Get your butt out of my chair and back in the pilot’s seat on Ma-rye-a.”
            I must admit it took a lot to push Daniel to this point. I’ve been languishing around his place for longer than I should.
            “It’s been over three months,” he stated flatly. “Time to move on.”
            That long? I really have lost track of time.
            “Fine,” I said. “I know when I have outstayed my welcome.” I uncurled from the comform chair and came to my feet snatching back the chocolates in the process. “I’ll go!”
            Daniel reached out a comforting hand toward me, perhaps regretting being so stern. I glared at him. He retracted it.
            “I know you went through a lot before you got here,” he said, “but you’re not getting any better sitting here all day watching vids and eating chocolates. I don’t know what you need, 3su,” Daniel admitted. “I just know this is getting you nowhere.”
            I yanked my throw tighter around my shoulders like a shield against his words. I knew he was right. I should probably have seen a counselor or taken some drugs, but chocolates had always been by drug of choice. I honestly believed I could handle all the shit that had hit the turbo exhaust the last year without any professional help.
            “I did some research online. I sent the information to Ma-rye-a. There is a Dr. Phinis Morie on the Mother Ship - Destiny. He specializes in PYSD. Supposed to be cutting edge and does it without any heavy drugs. He uses meditation and biofeedback training. I know you don’t like the idea of drugs, but you need something – for a time – until you can work your way through this.”
            Daniel knew I didn’t like feeling doped up and foggy – out of control. That was the reason I hadn’t just checked into a dream facility or seen a med tech.
            “I’m not throwing you out,” Daniel apologized.
            I lifted my left brow.
            “Well, maybe I am, but it’s for your own good,” he emphasized.
            I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek, bundled my blanket more securely around me and chocolates in hand, made my way to the bathroom to get cleaned up and back into the black hole of life.

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