Sunday, December 16, 2012

Star Traveler - Special Delivery: Old Friends, New Assignments

Well, the saying is true, or at least circumstances make it seem so. You might truly meet everyone you ever knew when you sit in the SS long enough.
I’ve been here a little over two days now – off and on – more on then off. I have already bumped into Bronwyn again. He is on his way to Goliath’s third moon with a med delivery. He just stopped off to make a rendezvous with a equip ship. Bronwyn’s disintegrator for his mess broke down. Said his interior was getting pretty ripe with green growth on leftovers. Yum, the thought made my current serving of palm rice and vegetables go down kinda lumpy.
Hada and her son, Fin, came through. We had a very pleasant visit. I felt so much better after talking to her. She is on her way to Refitting Station Terrell to catch a ride to the Dagosh system to continue her work. There is a fabulous dig there. She is so excited about it. She seems to have adjusted to life without Alton. Hada has found her passion again in her work. She rattled on and on about the new dig and what they were finding, and hoped to find. She is proof there can be life after the death of a loved one.
Fin is growing by leaps and bounds. In just the short time since our last visit he has reached that age where you notice the child is no longer a child, but becoming a youngster. Unchins grow so much quicker than humans. No doubt he will be a teenager the next time I see him. He still has his mahserg, Mah. They are inseparable.
Shortly after they left I got a ping on my NET AD. I am off to pick up an artist’s shipment. Light work – excellent money. All I have to do is smuggle it in to Kadear on Alta III and deliver it to their dictatorial ruler’s son Aldobi-rand. It’s totally against Galactic regs, but hey, a girl’s got to get her kicks someway.

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