Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Star Traveler - Special Delivery: Back on board

“It is so good to have you back onboard.” Cassie almost cooed. “There hasn’t been anyone to share with in ages.”
I feel mean leaving my crew for so long unattended. I know many people would say I am giving them feelings they don’t have as AI’s, but they would be wrong. I honestly believe Daniel managed to endow my crew with feelings for me and each other. The only thing they lack is the tactile. Disembodied voices cannot give you a hug when you’re down. Sometimes a person just needs the human touch.
“I’m glad to be back and sorry I left you all so abruptly,” I apologized.
“It’s all right,” Horus said in his cultured English accent. I realized I missed that lovely tenor voice. “We all know how much you needed a nice long break.”
One of my favorite cranberry/orange scones appeared in the prep unit at my elbow. Moby was showing his pleasure at having me back by keeping me supplied with loads of tasty munchies and my favorite drinks.
“Thank you, Moby.”
“You’re welcome, Captain.”
“I have the secure storage area in the bay clear, cleaned, and ready to accept cargo,” Sam announced.
“Excellent, Sam.”
I turned my attention to Ma-rye-a. She had been quiet since I came back onboard. I was sure she listened in on Dr. Morie’s and my conversation earlier. I was rough around the edges and soft in the middle during his eval. I knew Ma-rye-a was more aware of how much things got out of hand for me and my emotional state then the rest of the crew.
“Are we ready to head out, Ma-rye-a?”
“On your command,” she replied.
“Take us out then.”
Safely back in the security of my ship, surrounded by my attentive crew. A quick delivery to an exciting locale with interesting people. Things were getting better all the time.

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