Friday, January 13, 2012

Star Traveler Update - Lengthy R&R

“I’m going down to the planet,” I announced.

“I wouldn’t advise that,” Horus replied immediately.

“Nor I,” Sam chimed in, “you risk coming in contact with whatever he is spreading below and bringing it back on the surface of the pod to contaminate the entire ship.”

So, I stayed onboard Ma-rye-a and my crew and I were witness to the largest genocide of this century. Attalla released biological death from his little black box and the iisadsu fell from the sky like rain. He must have told the oacoco to stay below the surface during the release. Ma-Rye-a told us she could still detect their life forms.

We tracked the movements of Attalla’s pod as he rendezvoused with the battle cruiser for a hull clean up.
We saw the cruiser’s crew deliver the body containment and deposal units to the surface and tracked their meticulous clean-up of the iisadsu species.

I collected Attalla’s personal items from his cabin and placed them in a capsule that Sam jettisoned into space.

 I didn’t care if he found them or not. I didn’t care if I was paid for my services or not. I didn’t care if I was black listed in this galaxy. I didn’t intend to ever come back.

I had Ma-rye-a lay in a course to Daniel’s place on Trade Post 1313. I needed some lengthy R&R with a good friend to get past the last two episodes of my life.

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