Sunday, November 27, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Where are you?

“Where are you?” I asked out loud in frustration.

“I cannot raise him on his com link,” Ma-rye-a stated once again.

“Open a hail to the pod,” I ordered. “Transport Ma-rye-a to Ambassador Attalla,” I called.

The request was met with silence.

“Scan the beach,” I ordered.

“He is no longer on the beach,” Ma-rye-a answered.

“Can you locate him?” 

Attalla was way overdue reporting in as he had said he would when he refused to take me down with him to listen to the oacoco’s demands for the treaty resolution. He said he would check in every four hours. It had been over six hours without a word. It wasn’t like him to not keep his word. He knew I would be worried. Even though he went to see the oacoco it was the iisadsu we were both worried about dealing with after the attack.

“I cannot get a fix on him, captain.” Ma-rye-a sounded as frustrated as I felt.

What could we do? He had my pod down on the planet.

Damn it, I would land Ma-rye-a on the planet’s surface if need be and shoot iisadsu like so may turkeys on Thanksgiving day if I had to in order to find him.

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