Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Drowning

Tt'i saw Attalla get hit. He caught him as he slipped below the surface of the sea. He sealed his lips over Attalla's and breathed oxygen into this lungs as he took him in a firm grip and lowered him out of the range of the rocks still being thrown from above.

Attalla was leaving a stream of blood in the water. Tt'i hoped the others of his pod saw him capture the ambassador and would come to help. There was no way he could call to them while giving Attalla air. Tt'i was afraid to release his mouth from Attalla's for fear the sky breather would unconsciously breathe in a mouth full of water.

Ne'e and several others of the council came up around him when he reached a safe depth with the ambassador. Ne'e indicated they should take Attalla to the cave where they could get Attalla to dry land. The underground cave had a deep, shear sided pool in it.

They made their way quickly to the cave and lifted Attalla up on the rock ledge. His breathing was shallow, but he was still alive.

Aa'i came up beside Tt'i at the edge of the pool. She took the sea slung and maul weed from her mouth where she had chewed it to a fine pulp. She spread it over the gash on his forehead. The bleeding slowed immediately and stopped within the few minutes that the group hovered waiting to make sure the ambassador was resting comfortably.

De'e broke off a piece of rock moss and put it below Attalla's head. They had done the best their species had to offer. Now it was up to Attalla whether he lived or died.

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