Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Star Traveler Update - After the Terror

Tt’i drifted in his bed of sea moss. Sleep just wouldn’t come to him tonight. His phills floated close by his side occasionally nudging him with its prickly nose and gurgling softly at his touch. The phills had itself anchored to a bit of sea kelp by the moss bed. It curled its sliver and purple striped tail tighter around the kelp as the ebb and flow of the current drifted through. The spines of the tail embedded themselves into the kelp more securely.

Tt’i kept seeing his father dead among the rocks, his uncle impaled by the iisadsu as he struggled toward the surf. He physically ached at the thought of their deaths. He curled up into a sitting position and ran his hands over glowing yellow eyes in a skin made up of neon blue and orange swirls.

If oacoco were human they would appear as highly tattooed beings. The young were bright blue with orange swirls down the length of their bodies finishing as stripes off their fanned tails. As the species aged they grew additional fins at what would have been the shoulder blades of a human. The color of these mimicked the body colors. They also grew long wispy feelers from the sides of their heads that served as additional sensors for the aging oacoco that not only grew extremely large, but also lost a bit of their excellent sight as they grew older. The elder of the species took to sheltering themselves in the cool pools of the rock overhangs along the coastline, hence needing the extra sensors to navigate the shoals. The oacoco were nothing short of vibrant. His species had no need to hide from anything the sea produced. They were the top predator.

Upon Tt’i’s return to the council today he had informed them of the grizzly attack on the oacoco fishing party by the iisadsu. He showed them the event through the pictures he generated in his mind. Connected as one in a tight pod all could see the horror of the event. They were appalled, but were still trying to arrive at a plan of attack when Tt’i’s body urged him to seek refuge and rest.

He curled his long tail up and over him in his sea moss bed. It seemed hopeless. The iisadsu were of the sky, the oacoco of the sea. Unless the oacoco learned how to grow wings, they would never be able to defend themselves against their enemies. It was hopeless. The predator had become the prey.

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