Sunday, October 9, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Stick with me

I handed Attalla a com link and inserted my EAR. I didn’t know how familiar he was with the devices so it is standard to run through the operation before dropping someone that will have to contact you for a later pick up.

“Your link comes directly to me.” I took it from him and strapped it to his arm. “It’s voice recognition and activated. Just say my name and I’ll pick it up here.” I pointed to the EAR I had put in my right ear. “I have a built in mic. I just activate it and I can talk to you.” I clenched my teeth and said, “Yo..Attalla.”

He smiled at me, showing off those gorgeous dimples. “The coms I have seen before, but not your built in mic. You just clench your teeth and it turns on? Where is it? In a tooth?” He seemed fascinated by the technology.

“It’s implanted in my jaw. The MT unit I ran into a while back had them and they seemed very efficient. It cost a bit, but it keeps your hands free  - no headset to worry about breaking or being ripped off.”

“Ripped off?” Attalla asked. “What kind of jobs do you do?”

“I take about anything that interests me. I’m not particular, just peculiar.” I smiled back.

He shook his head. “Well, this will be as easy as a spacewalk for you. The Rahic are a gentle planet-bound race. We have them included in the treaty for their protection and the Tokkzic they produce for distribution to the other planets in our system.”


“It’s an extremely intoxicating liqueur made from the plant they inhabit,” Attalla explained as he buckled his seat belt and activated his shoulder harness.

I cocked my head his direction as I fastened my own safety gear. “They inhabit a planet?”

“Wait until you see. You just might want to stick with me today.”

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