Saturday, September 3, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Moving on

There really was a negotiation job for Arr on Ukhra. He eventually succeeded in creating a treaty that both parties could live under. The trip back to the refitting station where the guys had left the Calpernia was leisurely. They did not have another job lined up yet. I was still looking for something simple. I didn’t need a challenge right now. I was still recovering – not so much of body, the body was pretty much healed, more of mind. I was still having nightmares.

Two days before we arrived at Refitting Station Delta I found a cushy little job shuttling a diplomat around for three months while he re-negotiates treaties with the planets in his solar system. Cassie and I checked out his Bio on the NET and he looked good to both of us. We took on the job contingent on the fact that we all liked each other’s company after the first stop.

Now it was time to say our good-byes.

Jake pulled my into a big bear hug and planted a kiss on the top of my head.

“Contact us if you need anything,” he offered, “or even if you just want to talk.” He squeezed me tight and then released me. “You take care.”

“The same back at ya,” I said.

Arr hugged me. “See you sooner rather than later,” he said with a smile.

I hugged him back. “I will miss you two.”

When I stepped back to get in my pod and found Kay-o standing at my heels. I slipped him a handful of the red raspberry goo chews from my pocket. It seemed every outfit I had contained at least a few stray candies that hadn’t made it to the dar-dolf yet. He scarfed them down and nudged my hand for more. I felt around and found one more candy. I handed it over and patted his head.

“You be good,” I instructed. As if that would happen – then again, he had saved our lives by leading Tim and the Ukhra search party to us. I gave him a hug around his big ruffed neck, than stepped back into the pod.

I waved as I pulled out.

On my own again.

Just me and my nightmares.

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