Saturday, September 10, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Attalla and my crew

Attalla and I proceeded to the bridge first. I like starting out with a view and Ma-rye-a doing her thing. I just introduce her and she takes over the instruction of where things are (displaying her virtual 3D map – she likes to show off her hi-res), how things work, security, and emergency procedures. She also sets up the protocols for the doors, lights and air.

“Thank you Ma-rye-a,” Attalla said. “I had no idea you were so well equipped.”

“My pleasure, Attalla,” Ma-rye-a oozed. She loves compliments on her systems. Attalla had already told her she could drop the diplomat title.

“Another cup of tea?” Moby asked.

“No thank you, Moby,” Attalla replied. “But I think Chee would love another piece of your excellent scones.” 

A scone appeared in the prep unit at his elbow. Attalla broke off a small bite and handed it down to Chee in her pouch at his waist. She pushed the whole think in her mouth at once which made her cheeks puff out an either side. 

“Little bites,” Attalla said. She took it out and nibbled slowly, half asleep, but unwilling to give up the treat. “You keep cooking like this Moby and I’ll have to make a bigger pouch for Chee.”

“You think that is good, wait until you taste 3su’s cooking,” Moby bragged. My face turned a pale shade of red.

Attalla turned to me. “You cook too?”

“I like to take on fresh stores when I have someone to cook for. It’s no fun cooking for just one,” I explained. “Nothing fancy, just fresh.”

He smiled at me and I swear I started to melt. Those dimples. Those captivating duel colored eyes.

“Let me show you to your room.” I stood up and led him to the guest quarters. “Cassie and I did some rearranging since we knew you would be onboard for a long stay,” I said as we proceeded down the hall.

We came to the door off the hall and I palmed it open. He stepped into the large room. We had moved one of the beds out into storage in the bay so we could install a desk and two nice conform chairs with a table in between. Sam installed a prep unit for nighttime cravings, good reading lights and some additional ports to the NET. Attalla could access data from his chair, bed or even the bathroom.

“Do you like it?” Cassie asked. “We looked on your profile to find your color preferences,” she explained. 

We had redone it in earth tones with shades of green liberally spread throughout the room.

“Attalla, meet Cassie, the last of my crew,” I introduced. “She’s my interior designer, web surfer, clothier, and confidant.”

“Pleased to meet you, Cassie.” I noticed Attalla made a point of always turning toward the cameras in the room when he addressed one of my crew. Most people just talked to the thin air wherever they happened to be. The crew could, and would, work with that, but they appreciated someone with the good manners of Attalla.

“It is a pleasure,” Cassie said. “We hope you will consider this your home-away-from-home.”

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