Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Ahhhhhh, Attalla

Passing by Attalla’s door this morning I glimpsed him exercising. I had to stop and gap for a moment. He is sooooooo fine. He was on the treadmill built into the floor of his room with the virtual helmet on, so he didn’t even know I was there. Probably running in some field somewhere, or maybe a cross country course; Ma-rye-a downloaded a selection of programs for the helmet when we found out from his Bio that he loved running.

He was running without a shirt. He doesn't seem to own any that I have seen. He must have been running for at least an hour already because his body was shiny with sweat. His bronze skin almost glowed.

It is not my policy to eavesdrop on a guest, but I couldn’t help myself.

“He’s yummy, huh?” Cassie whispered over the com.

“Shh,” I warned.

“It’s okay, he won't hear us.” Cassie assured me. “He’s running on the beach of Licaira to the Symphony of the Bells.”

I pulled my eyes from Attalla and continued on down the hall to the galley where I was headed to fix us some lunch.

“Ma-rye-a? Can you download some more Zealichma for us to listen to at lunch?” I asked. If he liked the symphony perhaps he would like other works by the same composer.

“Will do, 3su,” she replied.

“And Cassie?”

“Yes,” she said.

“I agree, he is yummy.”  I proceeded to the galley with a smile on my face like a wave on a mud hole.

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