Saturday, August 6, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Thankful Oblivion

Arr tried to break Jake’s fall with his one good hand as he collapsed under my weight. Klaid started to jerk on my collar. Jake grabbed the chain and pulled back.

“Enough!” Jake shouted.

“No, Harcourt, not near enough,” Klaid roared. “You have no idea how bad this is going to get. You turned us in. You got us branded. We’ve been working shit paying smug jobs and eating garbage for two years.” He turned to Cracker and Gathus. “Un-cuff her and cuff them to the trees,” he ordered.

The three already knew Jake’s weakness. Cracker took Arr off first and held a knife to his throat.

“You give us any trouble, Harcourt and I let Cracker cut him. You remember how much he loves to crave, don’t you?” Klaid asked.

Jake let them un-cuff him and re-cuff him with his back to a tree. They did the same to Arr.

Klaid pulled me to my feet. He looked up at the late afternoon sky. “Way past lunch time,” he commented in a droll tone. I began to uncontrollably tremble. “Let’s see, what do I feel like eating?”

He held me up close with my back against him and my face toward the guys. I know he was counting on my expression to torture Jake. I was bound not to give him that satisfaction. I bucked in his grip. He hadn’t thought I had it in me, but I knew I did. I hadn’t been walking. I had been cradled in Jake’s or Arr’s arms for the last six or seven hours. I had some fight left. I twisted free and kicked him in the crotch as hard as I could. As big as he was, my spacer boot brought him to his knees. However, he still had my chain in his hand. He yanked me down with him. He roared in pain and then jumped for me. He knocked me over and pulled me under him until he was sitting across my legs.

“Pull her boots off,” he ordered his men.

They didn’t even bother to unbuckle them, they just yanked. I screamed in pain as I realized the connection of the leg bone to the rib bones. I plummeled his chest with my fists. It was like banging my fists on a bulkhead and had just about as much affect.

He grabbed my hands and pulled them up over my head pinning them in one of his huge hands. The pain ripped up my broken side taking my breath away.

“I’m going to kill you, Klaid,” Jake yelled.

Klaid had me subdued. “You just don’t get it, Harcourt. You’re never going to get the chance. You’re all going to die. Your friends first, slowly, deliciously.” He leaned down and licked me again.

I was really getting tired of this game. “Damn it!” I hissed in his face. “Just do it and get it over with.”

“You are much too special to hurry over,” the Xyron said. “Let’s see, where should I start?” He cupped my breast in his other hand. “Do I want some breast meat?” His hand clasped my side. “Maybe some ribs?” It traveled further down to grip a hand full of my butt. “Maybe a rump roast,” and on down to my thigh “or flank steak. Such a difficult decision,” he sighed in a pined voice.

In a flash he flipped me over. He was still sitting on my thighs. “Build a fire guys,” he ordered his team. “We’re going to have fresh meat tonight.”
I heard the cloth of my suit rip between Klaid’s hands and them I felt the cold steel of his blade as it cut into my back. “I vote for rib meat tonight,” he said and laughed.
I passed out into thankful oblivion.

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