Saturday, June 4, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Olympus destroyed

I have arrived at Olympus. It is atrocious what the Krackow did to this area of the planet.

If you are not familiar with the Krackow let me enlighten you. They are a race of ‘Stripers.’ It is their cultural policy to move in on planets stripe them of all their resources and then move on. They destroyed their own planet and because they had space travel technology they just got in their ships and went to find another world to butcher. They are, in the true sense, barbarians.

Their activities mutilated a stretch of the planet’s surface hundreds of miles long and thousands of miles wide. It spans a whole continent. The Krackow must have come in force and been here a while before the Galactic Official discovered them.

They have been evicted now, but the damage they did is going to take months to correct even with terra forming equipment.

I’m was in hopes of catching a glimpse of my first unicorn or centaur soon. However, I have been told by my fellow transporters that they have run away and hidden. It is horrible. The Officials on site confiscated hides, feathers and skins from the Krackow. They don’t know how many have been killed.

It is just so pathetic.

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