Saturday, June 18, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Next Gig

I had my ‘Ear’ on and was talking to Sam aboard as he belched out our latest shipment from the ship. “Watch the load, Sam. The ground is really soft on this side of Ma-rye-a,” I warned. The landing site for this shipment was a mire of mud. It had been stripped by the Krackow of any vegetation it once had and mined of any precious metals. It was just a massive pit of ooze.

“Right, Captain,” Sam acknowledged. The small transport he was guiding came to rest a few feet away alongside the ship. “This is going to take a few hours, boss. Why don’t you get some rest? I can call you when I’m finished.”

I rubbed my face for the umpteenth time. This job was getting old. If it hadn’t been for the encounter with the centaur and the occasional run in with Bronwyn it would be such a bore. I had hoped that I would get to see more of Olympus, but air space was restricted and the glimpse of the centaur turned out to be a really rare event.

Only two more runs for the Galactic Officials and I could take off. I already had my name up on the NET and Ma-rye-a scouting for the next job.

“3su?” Ma-rye said in my ear. “I have a call coming into you from Timothy.”

“Put him through,” I instructed. I heard the line open and chatter along with music on the other end. “Tim? 3su here.”

“3su, how ya doin’?” he asked in his full bass.

“Fine. Just finishing up a job on Olympus.”

“You got in on the terra firma job?” I heard a woman giggle in the background on the other end.

“Ya, at least the transport part.”

“How much longer are you tied up with that?”

“Hold on a sec, Tim” I said. “Sam, you got a pallet out here that is sinking,” I said. “You need to get some ground wire under it.”

“Got it, Captain,” Sam answered. A moment later the claws were maneuvering into place to reset the pallet on ground wire spread beside it.

“Sorry, Tim. We have a bit of a mud problem at this site.” A big bit of a mud problem.

“Bummer.” Tim was the only human being I knew of who still said bummer. I heard the woman giggle again. This time she was pretty close to whatever Tim was transmitting over.

“Ya, bummer. Back to your question, I have two more runs and I’m finished. Why, what’s up?”

“You know Jake’s ship the Calpernia?”


“Well, its thrown a stabilizer and its tied up at Refitting Station Terrell. She’s kind of an old model and they have to fabricate the pieces. He and Arr need a lift to their next job. I told Jake I’d ask you.” I could hear glasses clinking and someone turned up the music. He was in a bar somewhere. Wish I was there instead of in all this gunk. “If you can get them there, I can pick them up when they’re finished. I’m tired up right now myself and will be for the next month or so.”

“When do they need the pick up?”

“As soon as you can get there. Their job is open ended as to time. They can wait for you if it’s not too long.”

“Tell them I’ll be there by the end of the week.”

“Will do. Thanks.” Tim chuckled at something someone else said on his end. “See you on the next fly-by.”

“See ya.”

I clicked off the ear and did a little happy dance in the mud. I could hardly wait for the change of scenery.

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