Saturday, June 25, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Company

“I think you’ll be comfortable in here.” I padded the door open to my guest quarters. Kayo, Jake’s protect Dar-dolf, almost knocked us over trying to get in the door first. He started sniffing around the baseboards. I reassured myself that he was ship trained and would use the cargo deck for his business and not the carpeting of my lovely guestroom.

They are nice rooms. Cassie and I fixed them up when she came onboard a few years back. I picked Ma-rye-a for the layout of these rooms anticipating transporting people as well as cargo. The rooms are side by side with a bath in between however, the sound deadening wall that divides the rooms retracts into one of the sidewalls to the bathroom if you would like one huge room. And, it is huge - lots of luxury, like what you would get in a high end Space port.

“This is sweet,” Jake said in admiration. “If I wasn’t so fond of the Calpernia I might be tempted to do a trade in.” He tossed his duffle on one of the beds. “I got dibs on this one.”

Kayo followed Jake’s bag onto the bed.

“Down,” Jake commanded. Kayo didn’t move. Jake reached over and grabbed the animals halter and dragged the reluctant dar-dolf back to the floor.

Arr placed his duffle on the floor beside the other bed and immediately started to dig in it. He pulled out a pair of soft leather knee high moccasins. He shucked out of his spacer boots and slipped on the leather as I gave Jake the rundown on the amenities of the room.

“And, there is a wall here,” I padded the sensor to activate the wall closure part way. “So you guys can share or if you like, you can divide the room.”

“Is the barrier soundproof,” Arr asked without looking up from lacing his leathers. I thought I heard a bit of taunt in his voice.

“Completely,” I answered proudly.

Kayo had stuck his nose in Arr’s open bag and grabbed a glove. Arr nonchalantly removed the glove from the animal’s sharp tooth filled mouth. “That will come in handy in the evening,” Arr replied, again without looking up.

Jake picked up a pillow and threw it at Arr’s head. The henu moved so fast the pillow didn’t have a chance of contacting. He moved like a cat, lithe and nimble. “I don’t snore,” Jake assured me. As if I cared.

“Of course not,” Arr said with a smile. “He just breathes heavy.”

Jake tossed another pillow at Arr. That one missed too. I could see this was a long running gag between the two. Kayo decided to get into the game and started tugging on Jake’s pitching arm. He growled, sounding fierce to my untrained ears. I stepped back, but Jake just twisted his arm loose and pushed Kayo down on the head. “Down,” he instructed the dar-dolf. Kayo ignored the order and went over to nose in Arr’s bag again.

It was not going to be dull having these three aboard for a week.

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