Sunday, June 12, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Bronwyn

“What did you do?” I asked Bronwyn as I raised my cup for another drink.

We were setting in the commissary provided for the transporters and workers while they were on Olympus. I ran into Bronwyn in the chow line. He asked how the delivery of the Golden Screamers to Andrew Daily, which he pawned off on me, had gone. I made a few choice remarks to the effect that I would never accept another ‘shift’ from him no matter what it paid. We fell into seats at the same table and started trading stories. He was making deliveries as I was. He had made six trips to my three – smaller, faster ship.

He was telling me about an encounter with a Pegasus above the MFD barrier in flight. While approaching for a landing he met one coming straight at his side. He could not maneuver out if its way fast enough.

“Well, I couldn’t let it just hit me. It would have broken its neck, so I opened my side bay door and let it fly in.” He took a bite of his malic root chewing happily on the crunchy plant. “When its hooves hit the metal of the deck, it just came to a stop.”

“It landed in your ship?” I asked in disbelief. I had totally forgotten about eating.

“Sure did. Big as life. She was snow white and had the most beautiful blue eyes.” You would have thought he was describing a lover, but I knew how he felt having had the encounter with the centaur just a few days ago. 

“She didn’t seem frightened at all - maybe a little leery.” He pointed his malic root at me for emphasis, “Her wings were probably twenty feet across. She spread them when I came toward her.”

“Did you get to touch her?” I was breathless. To see one of the Olympians without a barrier between you and them was unheard of.

“I tried, but like I said, she was leery. When I approached she shied away. I thought she might fall out the bay door, so I backed off. She stamped her feet a few times at me. Then turned and took off back through the door.”

“Incredible,” I said.

“Really incredible,” he said with a glow in his eyes.

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