Sunday, May 29, 2011

Star Traveler Update - To Meet a God

We have another four days and Daniel will be back home, bodyguard and all - safe and sound.

I’ve already picked up a new gig. The Krackow moved in on Olympus. They did some major damage before the Galactic Officials found out. Personally, I thought they kept better track of Olympus. It was my understanding that it was patrolled regularly. Guess not regularly enough.

Anyway, the Galactic Office has called in anyone who wants to make deliveries of equipment or help repair the damage. I’ve always wanted to see Olympus. There are so many fantastic stories of it. I threw my hat into the ring. I managed to pass their background check. I will be picking up prefabs and supplies for the village they will have to build for the workmen onsite.

I can’t wait to meet a God.

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