Sunday, May 8, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Tim to the Rescue

"Ma-rye-a and I have tracked Daniel to the Northern most tier," Tim announced. The mercenary had managed to fit his imposing size into my pilot's chair upon arrival yesterday and immediately starting tracking Daniel's movements by hacking the Valarian surveillance system. He and Ma-rye-a had been inseparable except for his trips to see Moby in the galley for something to eat. All my crew have been spoiling him since he arrived. They don't have contact with other sentient beings often.

Ma-rye-a was extremely frustrated and anxious due to her lack of memory where Daniel's disappearance was concerned. Tim, not to shabby on a computer himself, had assured her she was not to be blamed and even pointed out the reprogramming in her data line to her. He asked her to help him hack into the Valarian system to locate Daniel.

They found a 'lack' of information in the security system. They tracked it to the smallest tier on the northern end of the Valarian home world. Ma-rye-a found a blank area - totally blank on that level. No security signature, no energy output, everything was masked or buried so deep in the system that it literally did not seem to exist. Tim was sure that was where they were keeping Daniel.

"Now all we have to do is find a way into an area that does not exist," Tim said, as he leaned back in my chair. I was not not sure it was going to hold together much longer. He was putting a strain on its fiber reinforced seams. "Anyone have any idea?" He had called the whole crew together for a brainstorming session.

"I could get you onto that tier if Ma-rye-a can guide you to him," Sam offered. "They are a peaceful race and with the programmable matter they have lulled themselves into a false sense of security."

"If you wear an ear I can direct you as far as where their system goes blank," Ma-rye-a offered. "After that you would be on your own. I'm totally blind in that area."

"Okay, then our main problem is how to get me in without being tracked. I need admittance to the planet without on of those eGO bracelets." Tim's brow furrowed in thought. He stretched out with his hands over his head and his legs spread wide. My pilot's seat groaned in rebellion. "We need a distraction so I can get past the guards in the reception lobby on the GTD level."

"Why not go directly to the top tier?" Sam asked. "I can override one of the entry ports and you can scoot in before they send out the maintenance crew."

"You can do that?" I asked. I had no idea my crew was so devious.

"Sure," Same bragged. You could almost see the smile on his face - if he had a face. "Easy. I just interface with their lock out system and we're in. Like I said, they rely too much on that programmable matter. They should have knowledgeable A.I. like us. We wouldn't let them crack 3su's system so quickly."

I'm going with you," I told Tim.

"Wouldn't have it any other way," he replied. "How soon can you arrange an entry, Sam?"

"Give me an hour or so."

"I'm going to pay Moby a visit. A man shouldn't work on an empty stomach." Tim got to his feet and my chair looked as though it had taken a big sigh of relief. The conform material ballooned up again. Perhaps it did survive several hours of heavy use.

"I have your favorite spacer stew simmering and waiting," Moby piped up.

Time gave my shoulder a squeeze as he passed me. "Comin'?"

In a few," I said. I wanted to have a few words with Cassie before we left. I needed to know we had our own insurance policy in place.

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