Saturday, May 21, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Discovery

I angrily stalked past the Valarian and up to Daniel.

“Hey,” Daniel said. “What’s up?”

I smacked him in the shoulder spilling his drink down his front.

He jumped to his feet knocking over the nail polish in the Valarian’s hand. “What was that for?” He shouted as he wiped at the hot liquid with a napkin.

“For scaring the hell out of me. What’s this all about?”  I waved my hands in the general direction of the three Valarians and his nifty little set up. “You taking a vacation you didn’t tell me about?”

“We’re just finishing up our negotiations.” Daniel smiled at the largest Valarian. “This is Warsy. A-Factor to the Valarian Council. We just struck a deal for my Nano Program.”

“Great,” I huffed. “We thought you had been kidnapped. That you were being tortured. We’ve been hunting for you for days.”

“For days,” Tim echoed sarcastically. He did not have the head of steam I had worked up.

“Sorry,” Daniel apologized. “Good to see you Timothy,” he acknowledged Tim’s presence.

Daniel turned to Warsy. “She is such a drama queen,” he apologized.

Warsy pinwheeled over to the prep unit ordered two steaming mugs and brought them back to Tim and me. “We never hurt,” he informed us. “Rare intellect should not be harmed.”

“Rare intellect my ass,” I said. I slammed the mug down and stalked out the door toward home.

I heard Daniel ask as I left, “What did she want to do, find me on death’s door?”

I heard Tim slurp up a swallow of his hot drink. “It might have been better for you if she had.”

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