Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Valaria

Let me try to explain where the Valarian’s call home. Valaria was actually built.

We know that the Valarian’s originated somewhere else, but built this sphere eons ago. Now they call it home. They found a yellow hydrogen giant star with a carbon based planet nearby. They mined the carbon, manufactured enormous, lightweight, but extremely strong Galvasien panels and built the multi-tiered sphere that surrounds the yellow giant. 

Each tier is powered by thrusters on the outside of the sphere that create the centrifugal force to keep gravity equal within. Each level is terra formed. The spheres are graduated in size, the largest being at the equator, the smaller being at the poles. 

There are shuttle bays that have access to the inside to transport the inhabitants and their possessions from one level to another. Because the sphere is built around the star the Valarians have unlimited power. The panels act as solar collectors of the star’s energy. The sphere is about 180 million miles across; plenty big for the Valarians and any future population growth.

The sphere at the equator is for recreational use. It is not permanently inhabited. This is where they set up the GTD Celebration. Not only are there the exhibits and entertainment in display, but there are a number of terra formed wonders to enjoy.

The Valarian’s love water. They absorb nutrients from it and have many lakes that are treated with dufferent nutrients. For us humans, it is wonderful to swim in a crystal blue lake or a lovely aqua pool, but it is incredible to float in pink water that doesn’t let you sink and leaves you with a rosy glow afterward, both inside and out. There is a lime green pool that I particularly like. It is a bit of a walk to get to it, but worth every hour of it. There is a waterfall into it, lots of flowers and green around it. The water tastes like apples. After a swim and a mouth full from the falls, you could walk for days. You feel like you could wrestle an angry pit fighting dar-dolf and come out on top.

The Valarian’s mix the air on the equatorial level with elements adapted to the breathers they issue for the GTD Celebration. It is adaptable to most of the species that visit during that time - if it isn’t then you wear a lightweight tank. The Valarian’s will refill it at one of the numerous mixing stations on the equatorial level.

The Valaria’s make a major part of their income from hosting the celebration, conducting navigational classes and selling their software for activation of the NAV beacons.

Valaria can be entered by shuttle through the bays on each tier or by dissention tube from your ship at dock in orbit as Daniel and I plan to do.

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