Saturday, March 5, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Return to Trade Post #1313

It was snowing at the Trade post when I arrived. I hadn’t had a chance to wear my new coat Cassie and I found a few months back so I wiggled into my black polyfoil slacks and top, buckled up my new spacer boots (purchased along with the coat – they are trimmed in the same red material as the coat quilting) and topped it off with the new coat. The coat hits me at the ankles – plenty long with good swing. It will block the wind nicely. It is made of the supplest material – but very warm. I wouldn’t want to wear it in weather above freezing. It clings in all the right places. It is an iridescent green with fire red quilting on the collar, lapels and cuffs. The collar is an accordion style hood with the red quilting running in a flame design down the back. When I raise my arms out from my sides it has the same red material attached that billows out like a wingsuit. The description on the NET stated that it was not manufactured as a wingsuit and was not to be used as such, but it is a great look.

“You are styling, lady,” Daniel said when he opened the door. He bowed low and waved me in. “Hot tea and your favorite chocolate awaits.”

“You are too kind.”

“Let me take that lovely coat,” he offered. “It’s new isn’t it?”

“Just purchased last month after we talked about going to the GTD celebration. I figured we would run into snow somewhere.” I collapsed into a huggable and the chair formed around me.

I love Daniel’s place. I think the best word for it would be inspiring. You want to sit back and drink it in because it makes you feel as though if you do, you will be able to connect with the Verse in a more positive way. It inspires you to slow down and think about your life. I don’t know how he gets any work done. When I visit I spend my time lazing in a huggable with a cup of tea listening to Daniel regal me with his latest project.

The place has a Zen feel to it. There is fine art, with simple lines, throughout the home. It is a domed structure so it flows without any corners to stop the eye. The middle of the room is dominated by a natural rock pit fire structure. Of course, it is not wood burning. The flame is produced by the biofuel emitted from the genetically engineered microbes he keeps in a shed outback.

Around the fire are stationed numerous huggables, stools and oversized pillows for lounging. The kitchen is built into a rotating wall. It is very minimal even when open, just a few dishes, a prep unit and incinerator. The beds are located in the wall and slide out at the touch of a button. The bathroom is through a door in the wall and extends beyond the dome on the back. It is its own little world, with plants, soaking tub and subdued lighting.

Daniel keeps all his work offsite in a secured facility. I haven’t ever been there. It’s way too complicated for me anyway. I just like to relax at his place and he tells me his dumbed down version of what he is working on so my head doesn’t spin off my shoulders. I really don’t know why he likes me. I’m nowhere near his intellectual equal. I think he likes my stories of the old days. I do have quite a few. He, and others of his generation that I know, seem to find them entertaining. Things have changes so much since I was young. Now they have nannybots and AIs that have a sense of humor and can reason. Not like my days of doing things on your own and making a lot of mistakes as you went along. Those mistakes make for some good stories.

Daniel brought the tea and chocolates. “I have something to show you tomorrow. A little something that is going to accompany us to the GTD celebration.”

“Really, what?”

“You’ll have to wait and see. Tomorrow.” He passed his hand over the sensor by his chair and gentle piano music surrounded us. “I hope you have room for three more.”

He had my full attention. “Three more what?”

“Tomorrow,” he tantalized.

“No fair.” I tossed a chocolate wrapper at him.

“Who said life was fair? I am however, working on the concept of making it more so.”

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