Sunday, March 27, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Reprogramming

“Let’s take a ride out to your pool,” Daniel suggested.

“Don’t you want to see some of the show first?”

“Nope, I want to take a dip in that ‘green apple’ pool you’ve been going on about.” Daniel raised his eGO to his mouth and spoke, “TRANS – five, 2 human, 3 walhmite.” A red indicator light lit on the map showing where we were standing.

Within minutes a transport vehicle arrived. It was larger than most I had seen last time I was here, probably because Daniel had told dispatch we had 3 walhmites in tow. It was open cab since the day was so nice on this tier. Daniel located the pool on his holographic map. “Sector 9, Block 4, Green Pool,” he instructed the transport.

The TRANS pulled silently away from the curb. “TRANS - Top up,” Daniel requested.

“It’s such a nice day. Why don’t we leave it down,” I asked.

Daniel just held is finger to lips to indicate silence. When the top was up he removed a large black button from behind his lapel and stuck it to the roof.

“That will take care of any of their surveillance. Let me see your eGO.”

I held my arm over to him. He put his eGO up against mine and started tapping away. The holographic imagine that I first saw as part of the tutorial on the bracelet appeared.

“Initiate eGO I.D.” Daniel said. “Additional voice activation.”

Toland leaned forward over the back of the seats Daniel and I were sitting in. “Toland,” he intoned in his deep voice.

“Return to operational mode,” Daniel told my eGO.

“Did you just give Toland the right to use my eGO?” I protested. “The Valarian’s will fine us big time for tampering with their gear.”

“Toland won’t use it unless he has to, but I want him to have access in case he needs it.” Daniel leaned back in his seat.

“What about what I want? Toland can use his own fricken eGO,” I hissed between my clinched teeth.

“It’s done 3su.” Daniel stretched and settled in to enjoy the ride.

“Then undo it you rotten little puke,” I cuffed him on the shoulder.

“Can’t,” he stated flatly not seeming to take offense from my name calling. “Anyway, it’s for your own good.”

“Tell me why?” I almost shouted. Daniel had been cryptic about this whole trip. I just couldn’t believe that his damn game was so revolutionary.

Daniel reached up, took the button off the ceiling and secured it behind his lapel again. “TRANS – top down.” He put his finger to his lips again for silence, leaned back in the warmth of the sun and closed his eyes.

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