Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Reception

Daniel, the bodyguards and I were all in the reception room where the dissension tubes arrived on Valaria. Valarian’s were assisting us out of our suits and issuing us ear-bud translators. When we had them adjusted the receptionists secured our event bracelet, eGO, permanently to our arms. The eGO is waterproof and very durable. They are pre-programmed with your species language and alpha info. It is extremely important that you not lose it. Without your eGO there is no GTD celebration. Once secure, he/she (no telling between the two in their species) initiated the tutorial on it for us.

The eGO is very high tech. It does just about everything except cook you breakfast, but the way Daniel was playing with his I figured he would have it programmed to do that by the end of the day.

Among other things the eGO is your admission into all the events. One swipe and you can get all your purchased delivered to you ship. It contains the full schedule of events, maps and locations of your particular species’ restrooms and food preferences. The eGO is voice activated and programmed to work with your ear-bud so you can obtain directions to anyplace just by tapping the point on the map. And, for those of you who are more challenged when following directions there is a built in holographic map transport feature. Activate the feature and enlarge over the eGO and voila you get a “you are here” arrow. All you have to do is touch the point you want to go to and a transporter will show up to take you to your destination.

I was looking over Daniel’s shoulder trying to see what he was doing with his eGO. He had the schedule of events pulled up. “Looks like they scheduled me for cycle five in the evening to introduce the game.” That gave us about a week of playtime before he had to show up.

“Is that what you wanted?” I asked.

“Sure. It will give us time to look around a bit. See the sights. All I really have to do is show up and plug it in to the game system for distribution to the stations.” The game room at GTD was huge, really an exhibition hall – bank after bank of terminals with huggers for comfortable hours of play, plus flats for those just passing by and wanting to try something they saw over someone else’s shoulder. Each game program was fed into a server and could be accessed on all the systems. Heck, if you wanted you could just sit or stand and watch the enormous screen while everyone else played. Depending on the game and the players, sometimes that was like watching a good vid.

Each programmer that wanted to introduce a game reserved a time on the game room stage. The room was theirs exclusively for the allotted time. Once their time was up the players could stick with that game until the next introduction or go back to a previous game. The programmer laid out any pertinent details of the game. The folks frequenting the gaming room were there to play, not read manuals.

“Let’s get something to eat,” Daniel said. He tapped his eGO. “They’re serving tube eel in zone six.”

Tube eel, not my idea of something special.

“And look, there’s a ZuKor chocolatier right across the quad.”

Now that was more like it. I could choke tube eel down if it was followed by a chaser of ZuKor chocolate.

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