Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Programmable Matter

Daniel presents his game tonight. He is excited, but is trying not to show it. I’ll go for the presentation, than I have to pick out my gun turrets. I still haven’t done that.

We have spent days touring the exhibits. The first day, after our dip in the green apple pool, we had so much energy that we were up 54 hours straight.

I had forgotten how breathtaking the pool was. It is surrounded by black snowflake obsidian cliffs and ledges. The obsidian is polished to a fine gloss from the Valarian’s traveling over it so many years. The cracks in the stone have neon green moss growing in them. The trees grow in clumps on the ridges above the pool. They have charcoal colored bark with twisted limbs. The limbs are so dense in spots that it really doesn’t make any difference that they have no leaves. It sure is amazing what you can create when you terra form your own world.

I wanted to see the working class competition of the dar-dolf breed. From there we wandered over to see the rest of the animal exhibit. I was tempted to purchase a mahserg like Fin’s pet. It was marked so cute with black rings around its eyes that went back on the sides if its head like overdone eye liner. Its tail was ringed and it had matching white ‘V’s’ on its chest and forehead. I love those huge black eyes they have. But, I thought better of it. I really don’t have time for a pet and the mahserg’s become very attached both physically and mentally to their owners. Having one is quite the commitment since they live so long.

We visited the gaming room to get the lay of the land. Toland and his brethren checked out the security and exits. They can be intense for androids.

While we were having something to eat the first day we saw a truly amazing sight. (Yes, Daniel has made it so the androids can eat. They have catch basins that fill and incinerators built in to do away with the stuff.) Back to the amazing sight…The Valarians are way beyond all of us technologically. They have programmable matter that is incredible. All their law enforcement officers are made of the stuff. Daniel and I were sitting in an open air café when we saw some young Drifit kid running hell bent for Jupiter with a huge bag in his hand. He was doing his best to keep ahead of two officers chasing him. They were close on his tail. He ran by us with the intention of climbing the 10 foot fence behind us. He didn’t make it to the other side. The first Matter Officer fell to the ground, reforming into tiny balls, rolled and bounced his way through the fence and reformed into the officer again on the other side. The kid had one officer in front of him and one behind.

I turned to Daniel. “I don’t know why anyone would try to steal during GTD. Don’t they know about the security on Valaria?”

“Not everyone knows about the formability of programmable matter. They have no idea how malleable it is. We know there is no escaping it, try to climb a fence, it beats you to the other side, climb a tree, it turns into a snake and climbs right up after you, run as fast as you can, its legs turn to wheels and it runs you over. It is no wonder there is no crime on Valaria. Between the Matter Officers and the surveillance system on each tier you really can’t commit a crime without being caught.” Daniel took a sip from his souvenir Titan Tumbler.

“I think safety is great, but I would feel like I was living under Marshall law.”

“You have to realize they don’t know anything else,” Daniel said. “The Valarian’s that travel out of this world are a select bunch. The rest grew up with these restrictions.”

“More like having overseers,” I said under my breath as the Matter Officers and their captive walked by. “Creepy.” I took a bite of my rainbow pasta medley. I wasn’t going to give up on pestering Daniel about his program. “Speaking of which, I still don’t understand the necessity of our friends here.” I motioned toward the walmites with my folk. “No offense,” I said to Toland. He really hadn’t got in my way and was doing his best to be low key for a seven foot eight inch dude.

“No offense taken,” Toland said.

Daniel just kept sipping on his drink. “Tonight, you’ll see tonight,” he assured me.

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