Saturday, March 19, 2011

Star Traveler Update - Preregistration

There are numerous advantages to preregistering for the GTD celebration. If you just show up, you get stuck on, or in orbit around, one of Valaria’s three moons. That means you have to catch a shuttle to the planet and there are no overnight accommodations on Valaria, so you either spend most of your time shuttling back and forth, or you try to see as much as you can for as long as you can. The grounds are open full time for the equivalent of about a month earth time. So if you choose to spend say, 72 hours sightseeing, you are so tired you are a walking zombie by the time you get back to your ship.

However, if you preregister like Daniel did, months in advance, you get a lot of perks. You are assigned a dock within lower orbital space. With that dock you are assigned a number and the Valarians attach a dissention tube equipped with suits, helmets and programmable breathers. The tubes allow you to go and come as you please. A trip down is done in about 10 exhilarating minutes and the trip back up in just a little longer.

The tube is attached at one of the ship’s small access ports. You decompress the small room placed directly outside the port. When you open the port a number of breathers and suits, in the sizes you requested, are hung in the room. You program the breather for your species, don the suit and helmet and open the inner hatch to the tube platform. The platform keeps your rate of dissent to a non-catastrophic speed. You step in, put your back against the hugger on the wall of the tube, which naturally wraps itself comfortably around you, you slide the toes of your spacer boots under the hugger loops on the floor of the platform, once secure, all you have to do is release the platform and it is one exciting ride down into the planet. The tube works on compression for the trip back up, not nearly as much fun.

There are shopping advantages too with preregistration, always a plus for me. If you purchase something, you just give the clerk your dock number and it is delivered to your ship. No lugging around packages all day. Especially useful if you are in the market for something heavy, a new incinerator unit, prep unit or gun turrets.
And the main advantage is you have access to your ship. You have your own comfortable bed and food you are familiar with if you get tired of the exotic fare at the food courts. You can get the breather out of your nose and let it rest overnight. I have never been able to sleep very well on a breather. The night version is a full face model and I am too claustrophobic for that. The day version is just a nose apparatus, a bit uncomfortable but not so restrictive.

Daniel was so sure I would agree to bring him to GTD that he went so far as to register Ma-rye-a. We are going to have a great time. I can hardly wait!

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